Montblanc launches New Twin Smart Strap

The e-strap relaunches with improved design, wireless payment and pretty much everything you’d want a smartwatch, without the need to put your mechanical piece in a drawer.

Jun 07, 2018 | By Shirley Wang

First released in 2015. Montblanc unveiled their first e-strap as one of the first established luxury watch brands to offer its approach to the burgeoning smartwatch market. This year August, the watchmaker is releasing a new version, with some new technical functions and most significantly, sporting much better aesthetics and wearability.

Montblanc Transforms Traditional Timepieces Into Connected Digital Companions With New Montblanc TWIN Smart Strap.

The new strap that Montblanc refers to as “high quality and comfortable,” will come in two versions at 20mm and 22mm, two of the most common lug widths. The strap itself is made from high-quality rubber composite with structural blocks designed to allow guided and easy adjustment. The upper part of the strap comes in four different versions, these are black or brown calf leather, black or black and grey nylon.


With the Montblanc TWIN Smart Strap the brand also introduces a new mobile payment platform called Montblanc Pay. It brings contactless payment to its owner’s wrist, allowing for easy payment at compatible terminals in stores, restaurants or wherever. This means that “mechanical timepieces can act as digital wallets for the first time”

Montblanc TWIN Smart Strap consists of two parts – a smart module with a curved display
and a specially designed strap that can be mounted onto almost any timepiece.

A thin and light smart module

Made of a high quality watchmaking stainless steel, as well as a shock and scratch resistant protective glass, the mechanical clasp is designed to look seamless with most timepieces. Underneath the curved glass, a monochrome OLED displays notifications with coloured LED lights and vibration alerts.

Bluetooth connectivity ensures smooth communication with the Montblanc TWIN companion app for iOS and the NFC chip with Secure Element allow easy contactless payment. The module is IP68 water resistant and allows for up to a week autonomy on a single charge.

Sleek rubber strap

The high quality and comfortable strap will be available in two widths – 22 and 20mm. Made with of high-quality rubber composite with structural blocks, it is specially designed to allow wrist adjustments.

The upper part of the strap is customisable to suit both classic and contemporary styles, with four different versions: black calf leather, vintage brown calf leather, black nylon and black & grey striped nylon.

New Features

One of the most talked about new feature will be Montblanc Pay, a digital wallet can store up to five credit cards into the Montblanc Twin companion app. Working in “full partnership with Visa and Mastercard to ensure the highest security standards”, “the payment function will deactivate in case of theft or loss and state-of-the-art data encryption will keep your credit card and other personal data secure from hacking.”

One of the highlights for this new version is Montblanc Pay – a mobile payment platform that brings contactless payment to its owner’s wrist, a first one for timepieces.

‘Memories’ is a new feature that syncs automatically with the user’s calendar events, with an algorithm that copies any media taken during the period of each respective calendar event. Finally, these visual memories will be filed under each event and accessed in the Montblanc TWIN app, meant to “[create] a deeper emotional bond with the timepiece through this advanced function.”

Another new feature are “daily rings” that the users will receive, meant to be “a digital diary [which,] when zoomed into, give the user visual feedback and insights that can be used to take back control of his or her time.” A perhaps more romantic way to keep track of your days.

Compatibility iOS
Display OLED covered with curved SR+ Glass
Dimensions 47 x 26 mm
Thickness 6 mm at thickest point
Battery Up to a week on single charge
Water-resistant IP68 splash and rain resistant

Montblanc TWIN Smart Strap is available from August 2018 with a starting RSP of 390€. It will be available online and through retail stores.

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