Rolls-Royce's "Spirit of Innovation" Is The World's Fastest EV

Nov 23, 2021 / Jets

The Spirit of Innovation, Rolls-Royce’s fully electric aircraft breaks a few world records, and is the fastest EV in the world.

Playboy Is Bringing Back the '70s With Its New Big Bunny Jet

Nov 22, 2021 / Jets

Playboy’s Big Bunny jet is back after 50 years of being grounded.

A Look Inside Roman Abramovich's US$100 Million Private Jet

Nov 17, 2021 / Jets

Roman Abramovich is selling his private Boeing 767 for US$100 million

A Supersonic Future Awaits United

Nov 02, 2021 / Jets

The airline will purchase 15 units of Overture with passenger operation expected by 2029.

Cirrus Aircraft CEO: Why Personal Aviation is Booming

Oct 13, 2021 / Jets

Zean Nielsen sheds light on how the personal aviation industry is thriving in such turbulent times, and how Cirrus Aircraft is leading that charge.

Rolls-Royce “Spirit of Innovation” is A Giant Step Towards Decarbonisation

Sep 22, 2021 / Jets

The maiden flight of its first all-electric powered aircraft is powered by a 400kW powertrain.

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