Zegna's Takes Digitalisation to Its Outlets

Aug 13, 2022 / Fashion

Zegna rebrands their stores and adopts a modern approach with its floor to ceiling LED wall and personalised services.

The Legacy of Issey Miyake: The Japanese Designer Who Revolutionised Fashion

Aug 10, 2022 / Fashion

Remembering Issey Miyake, who pushed clothing to groundbreaking new places with his dedication to innovation and fashion.

The Persistent Trend of Streetwear Culture

Aug 06, 2022 / Fashion

The comfortable everyday style has transformed the fashion vernacular and is here to stay.

Luxury Fashion On The Resurgence of Vacation Dressing: Travel Capsules

Aug 03, 2022 / Fashion

The fashion industry’s growing focus on resort-wear and vacation dressing reaches an all time high as luxury fashion brands release travel capsule collections to cater to the consumer’s vacation state of mind.

Dior x Gran Turismo 7: The Gamification of Fashion

Aug 02, 2022 / Fashion

Featuring new and exclusive Dior racing gear for the player’s avatar, the French fashion house enters the virtual world as they collaborate with Gran Turismo 7

Inch Up Your Footwear

Aug 01, 2022 / Fashion

As fashion moves into the genderless, heels and menswear go hand-in-hand to create and elevate even the most basic look.

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