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Part of the Cycle: NFTs, Cryptocurrencies Can Still Hang On

Jul 23, 2022 / Business of Luxury

While NFTs and Crypto prices have plummeted, this presents an opportunity to consolidate and reach greater heights in the future.

Revlon Proves That You Can Be Too Big To Fail

Jul 06, 2022 / Business of Luxury

Leading cosmetic empire, Revlon, files for bankruptcy as the global supply chain crunch and increase in competition proved to be the tipping point for the debt-laden company.

LVMH’s Strategy in Asia is a Multi-Pronged Approach

Jul 01, 2022 / Business of Luxury

Despite the potential of Asia as a major market for the conglomerate, LVMH is not putting all of its eggs in a single basket.

Buy Now, Pay Later is Luxury’s Newest Friend

Jun 09, 2022 / Business of Luxury

The phenomenon has of late become increasingly popular among the younger generation of spenders and luxury brands should start looking into it.

The Return of Luxury Brick-and-Mortar Stores

May 26, 2022 / Business of Luxury

Physical stores cannot just solely be a point of transaction but a destination where consumers can interact and be engaged with the brand’s universe.

Kering Appoints Google Executive Amid Metaverse Push

Apr 29, 2022 / Business of Luxury

Kering continues to demonstrate a glowing sign of the ever-growing relationship between tech and luxury.

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