Mexico City's Underground Residence

Jan 17, 2020 / Interiors

The semi-buried Photocatalytic Cave makes an ideal and private living space, for both personal retreat and social gatherings.

The World's Most Spectacular Houses Hidden in Plain Sight

Dec 31, 2019 / Interiors

Blending seamlessly into the natural landscape, these luxury houses are an architectural phenomenon, kicking revolutionary design up a notch.

Stilt Studios Are Bali's Latest Eco-Friendly Prefabricated Homes

Nov 13, 2019 / Interiors

Developed by Bali-based architect, Alexis Dornier, these dynamic and eco-friendly prefab homes do not cause damage to the natural landscape.

The Eight Tenths Garden is a city within a city

Oct 18, 2019 / Design

If the seven wonders of the world ever added an eighth, it would the Eight Tenths Garden of Shanghai.

This Unorthodox House is Made from Two Containers

Aug 22, 2019 / Interiors

Can’t be contained: This unorthodox house, made from two industrial shipping containers, is just as spacious and liveable as any traditionally-constructed abode.

4 Exceptional Home Collections From Milan Design Week 2019

Aug 05, 2019 / Interiors

Did someone say dream home goals?

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