The La Moitié Boutique Represents Both Genders

Feb 18, 2020 / Interiors

Radiating a soft, feminine aura which is paralleled by a darker and colder, minimalistic approach, China’s La Moitié boutique presents a uniformed balance between multiple opposing design elements.

The Picturesque Budapest Buhairest Bar and Restaurant

Feb 18, 2020 / Interiors

The newest Budapest bar and restaurant is the picture perfect set for leisure, dining and mini impromptu Instagram photoshoots.

The Collywood Dream House on Sunset Strip

Feb 17, 2020 / Interiors

Kipp Nelson’s dream house had materialized in the form of an ideal Californian getaway, boasting aerial views of Southern California from the glamorous hills of West Hollywood’s sunset strip.

The Sinisterly Beautiful Concrete House

Feb 10, 2020 / Interiors

Managing to appear both sinister and beautiful in perfect contiguity, the Concrete House by Reza Mohtashami melds man-made elements into the natural environment

The Palatial River House of Pererenan, Bali by Alexis Dornier

Feb 03, 2020 / Interiors

The cubistic five-bedroom residential River House by Alexis Dornier, located in along the coasts of Pererenan, Bali – pays tribute to the island’s vernacular building culture using reclaimed timber and locally sourced sandstone.

Dine at The World's Most Picturesque Restaurant

Jan 30, 2020 / Interiors

The 150-seat picturesque Veronika restaurant, designed by Roman and Williams is generously adorned with hand-painted murals and multi-tiered brass chandeliers

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