The Downsides of Le Michelin Guide and its Coveted Stars

Dec 13, 2019 / Gastronomy

Michelin’s pomposity and imposition of standards act like a straightjacket for chefs, shackling them to the menu and practices that earned them each star and creating an industry without growth, personality or flare.

The Coolest Hollywood Celebrity Voices Alexa

Dec 13, 2019 / Tech

This Christmas, Samuel L Jackson is available as a voice for Amazon Alexa, giving your virtual assistant much needed personality and colour. Yes, there’s an option for profanity.

Cheers to Jay-Z's 50th Birthday with The Limited Edition D’Ussé 1969 Anniversaire

Dec 13, 2019 / Wines and Spirits

American rapper and co-owner of D’Ussé cognac, Jay-Z celebrates his 50th birthday with a $5,000 limited edition bottle of D’Ussé 1969 Anniversaire cognac

The Aurora is iFi Audio's Game Changing Smart-Home Sound System

Dec 09, 2019 / Tech

The Aurora wireless music system from iFi Audio features state of the art sound quality and performance with PureEmotion amp technology

My Cozy Room is Singapore's Best Luxury Spa

Dec 04, 2019 / Wellness

In a league comparable to innumerous leading spas and beauty institutes across the world, My Cozy Room is Singapore’s best luxury spa

Exploring the Little Known Galapagos

Dec 02, 2019 / Travel

Although everyone is familiar with Giant Tortoises, Marine Iguanas and swimming with friendly Galapagos sea lions, there is another side to the islands and Galapatours will give you a chance to see it

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