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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Aug 13, 2020 / Art Republik

Dodit Artawan’s alcohol bottles and Barbie dolls are the perfect pairing of fine wine and good steak on the table of consumer capitalism.

The Soul of Asia

Aug 03, 2020 / Art Republik

Pascale Monté-Papée showcases a series of diverse historic, cultural and religious portraits from India and Burma, in an all-new exhibition titled ‘Soul of Asia’.

Cyril Kongo's Asian Love Affair

Jul 30, 2020 / Art Republik

The Paris-based self-taught artist, who started off painting graffiti in the streets and today counts Richard Mille and Pierre-Alexis Dumas as his friends, now sets his sights on Southeast Asia.

Kos Cos

Jul 27, 2020 / Art Republik

Kos’ work explores beyond the conventional and traditional, adding movement and energy through vivid colour and bold brushstrokes.

The Core

Jul 23, 2020 / Art Republik

Heikedine Günther has dedicated her artistic career to depicting the essential base of our existence.

The World In Reverse

Jul 20, 2020 / Art Republik

Consolidating photography, performance art, and painting, Koh Sang Woo reconsiders the way in which we look at others and understand ourselves.

Life Amidst an Absurd World

Jul 16, 2020 / Art Republik

“Before we can make the world better, we must first be open to criticising ourselves.” – Dedy Sufriadi


Jul 07, 2020 / Art Republik

Born in Iran, raised in Hong Kong and educated in Europe, Mojoko is best known for diversified career in curation, installation, interactive design and fine art.

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