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Bottega Veneta Celebrates Chinese New Year on the Great Wall

Jan 12, 2022 / Art Republik

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Bottega Veneta with its monumental digital installation at the Great Wall of China.

Nana Tedja’s “Through Pandemic” Exhibition Chronicles Our Pandemic Journey Together

Jan 12, 2022 / Art Republik

The acclaimed artist is showing her artworks at Gallery 1819.

Supratim Talukder and His Divine Gift of Dance

Jan 10, 2022 / Art Republik

“The sweetest eleven minutes of my life.”

ARES Modena Debuts Its First Showroom in Miami

Jan 07, 2022 / Art Republik

A combination of art and cars, this collaboration by Hubert Phipps and ARES Modena is not to be missed.

Fauna Allegoria: Chinese Artist Leo Liu Xuan Qi

Dec 31, 2021 / Art Republik

“With the rapid development of today’s technology, human beings’ awe of nature slowly disappears, and their hearts become arrogant.”

Fauna Allegoria: Belgian Artist Delphine Rama

Dec 24, 2021 / Art Republik

“The artwork is not there to deliver a message but rather to speak to you in an emotional way, and to tell a part of the story of the beholder.”

Fauna Allegoria: Artist Hélène Le Chatelier Explores Themes of Identity and Nature

Dec 20, 2021 / Art Republik

Staging her body of works at the Fauna Allegoria exhibition curated by Marina Oechsner de Coninck, you can join her through her artworks to catch a glimpse of how our identity is very much connected to nature.

Reconnect With Nature At Fauna Allegoria Exhibition

Dec 15, 2021 / Art Republik

From architect to art show curator, we talk to Marina Oechsner de Coninck on her journey in the world of art and her upcoming Fauna Allegoria show.

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