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Is Art An Idea or Execution?

Nov 27, 2020 / Art Republik

Is art in the idea or the execution? Lens & Pen Projects track Tunku Khalsom’s artistic evolution through exploring her key inspirations, and painstaking processes.

Breaking Tradition

Nov 25, 2020 / Art Republik

“The nail that sticks out gets hammered in,” and Japanese artist, Takashi Hara aims to be that nail who puts a dent in the hammer.

Living. Breathing. Art.

Nov 20, 2020 / Art Republik

The “machiavellian” Jonathan Anderson enters in conversation with his two biggest artist inspirations, Gilbert & George.

Happiness Over Everything

Nov 19, 2020 / Art Republik

“Aren’t people bored to disagree and spill their blood on the earth we love?”, our differences are what make this life beautiful, but it wouldn’t it be nice to find some common ground?

Agus Saputra's Modern Interpretations of Tradition

Nov 16, 2020 / Art Republik

Inspired by one of the region’s most original and organic artforms, Agus Saputra depicts the legendary scenes and themes of daily Balinese life.

The Death of the Superhero

Nov 12, 2020 / Art Republik

Clearly Superman is not going to save the day. Maybe it’s time to save ourselves. We’re our own worst enemies – why can’t we be our own heroes too?

The Art of Gold, 3000 Years of Chinese Treasures

Nov 12, 2020 / Art Republik

L’ÉCOLE provides a rare opportunity to witness the exceptional craftsmanship of ancient goldsmiths from the Shang to the Qing Dynasties.

Journey to the Golden Land

Nov 02, 2020 / Art Republik

Intersections Art Gallery presents a group exhibition in Singapore, dubbed ‘Journey to the Golden Land’ from 31st October to 24th November 2020.

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