Christie's Puts The Majesty of the American West, Adam Ansel Back in The Spotlight

Dec 06, 2019 / Art Republik

Photographing subjects not as they appeared in reality but how they felt to him, Ansel Adams is the most renowned and revered environmentalist and photographer of the 20th century.

Christofle, Pharrell Williams and Jean Imbert Create A Special MOOD

Dec 04, 2019 / Design

Christofle has finally issued the second installment of its limited edition MOOD dining collection in collaboration with Pharrell Williams and leading French chef, Jean Imbert.

Remembering Legendary Architect Giovanni Ponti

Nov 29, 2019 / Art Republik

The Maxxi museum’s latest Amare l’Architettura exhibition is a gift to the public, featuring Giovanni Ponti’s archived material and models.

Forth and Back Studios Materialize The Dreams of New York

Nov 27, 2019 /

Dreams of New York is Forth and Back’s meticulously curated 200-page book of New York city’s most candid moments frozen in time.

LUXUO's Living "The Ecoxury Life" Event With Hotel Des Arts

Nov 22, 2019 / Art Republik

In collaboration with Hôtel des Arts, LUXUO Vietnam hosted its “Living The Ecoxury Life” social gathering on November 16th at the hotel’s deluxe Social Club.

François Halard - The Photographer and Art Collector's Visual Diary

Nov 21, 2019 / Art Republik

With pages and a spine, Mr François Halard is anything but an author, his latest endeavor entitled François Halard: A Visual Diary transcends generation and geography.

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