Joost Folkers, Concept Creator of Yun, Brings Southeast Asian Flavour to the Middle East

Jul 22, 2024 / Lifestyle

Discover the vision and inspiration behind Yun, Qatar’s newest culinary sensation, as Joost Folkers shares insights into creating a dining experience that has quickly earned acclaim as the Best New Restaurant in the Middle East.

Quartz Watches: What They are and How They Work

Jul 19, 2024 / Watches

At the heart of these timepieces is a tiny quartz crystal, revolutionising the watch industry with their remarkable accuracy.

Yanina Novitskaya, Cartier CEO of SEA & Oceania Celebrates Singapore’s Cartier Trinity 100 Exhibition

Jul 12, 2024 / Leaders

In this exclusive interview, the luxury jewellery savant shares what to look out for in the artistic staging of the exhibition.

In Conversation With Sarah Hani Jamil on Empowering Malaysian Women Through ELLE Malaysia

Jul 11, 2024 / Leaders

“I want to foster a community where every reader feels inspired, understood, and uplifted.”

Uluu Co-Founders & CEOs Dr Julia Reisser and Michael Kingsbury Speak on How Their Company Aims to Revolutionise Marine Health

Jul 08, 2024 / Leaders

With plastic waste damaging ocean health, Dr Julia Reisser and Michael Kingsbury’s company Uluu could be the first step in combating marine pollution.

Gaurav Gupta On Indian Craft, Paris Couture Week, And Beyoncé

Jul 01, 2024 / Style

With his gravity-defying gowns, Gaurav Gupta has won over the fashion world—and Beyoncé. Here, the designer tells us how he is revolutionising the Indian fashion industry with his beloved brand.

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