Sunreef’s Francis Lapp Leads the Eco Charge

Feb 29, 2024 / Yachting

Founder and President of Sunreef Yachts, Lapp talks about why he was motivated to create the catamaran builder’s Eco range, which today accounts for over half of its orders.

Longchamp President Jean Cassegrain Knows What Contemporary Fashion Clients Want

Feb 27, 2024 / Style

Jean Cassegrain’s management has seen him reshape his family-owned Longchamp brand, LUXUO finds out what’s next for the fashion company.

Why Size Matters at Bell & Ross

Feb 26, 2024 / Watches

Bell & Ross Managing Director Fabien Nonancourt explains the momentous decision to release a slimmed down BR 03 collection, while also getting into other behind-the-scenes details at the brand

Mirsham Habib on HARTA’s Initiative to Celebrate Malaysian Art and Culture

Feb 10, 2024 / Leaders

HABIB’s Ampang II showroom transforms into an exquisite tribute to local artistry where art and culture come alive.

Antony Lindsay, the Newly-Minted Fabergé CEO, on Tradition and Modernity

Feb 09, 2024 / Watches

If you think Fabergé’s only claim to fame are jewelled eggs, you’ll be wrong.

Sophi Horne: From Seabird to Racebird

Feb 08, 2024 / Yachting

Founder and Chairman of Seabird Technologies, Sophi Horne is behind the design of the Racebird, the world’s first electric foiling raceboat, which is being used by all teams in the 2024 E1 World Championship.

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