2024 Nikola Valenti Jewellery Review

Dec 29, 2023 / Jewellery

In this comprehensive review, LUXUO breaks down jewellery brand Nikola Valenti to find out why the brand stands out from its competitors.

What Can’t Roberto Coin Do?

Dec 06, 2023 / Jewellery

Jewellery savant Roberto Coin talks about the art of creativity, business, and investigating in the younger generation

TACORI Celebrates 25 Years of Signature Crescent Design

Nov 16, 2023 / Jewellery

What began as a challenge to embed a hidden symbol of love on the inner face of a ring has become Tacori’s signature design detail.

Celebrities That Love Wearing Bvlgari Right Now

Jul 25, 2023 / Jewellery

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend then Bvlgari is a celebrity’s closest companion from Anne Hathaway to Blackpink

Bulgari’s Lucia Silvestri Talks About High Jewellery, Venice, and Travel Plans

Jun 06, 2023 / Jewellery

Silvestri shares her journey around the Mediterranean with her favourite pieces of high jewellery.

Bulgari’s New High Jewellery Collection Pays Homage to the Mediterranean

May 22, 2023 / Jewellery

Bulgari has introduced a collection of luxurious jewellery and watches that showcase a combination of Italian craftsmanship and Swiss watchmaking traditions.

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