4 Watch and Jewellery Auctions to Catch This Month

May 08, 2023 / Auctions

These are some of the hottest lots hitting the auction circuit.

Plain Looking Chinese Porcelain Vase Sold For €9 Million

Oct 06, 2022 / Auctions

Experts at the auction house estimated the vase to be worth just €2,000 but bidders thought otherwise.

Warhol’s ‘Blue Marilyn’ Poised To Fetch US$200M

Mar 22, 2022 / Auctions

Pop artist Andy Warhol’s blue silkscreen portrait of Marilyn Monroe hits the auction block this spring with an asking price of US$200 million, poised to become the most expensive 20th-century artwork.

A 555.5-Carat Black Diamond From Space is Going On Sale

Jan 20, 2022 / Culture

An ultra-rare 555.55-carat black diamond will go on sale in February for US$6.8 million.

Two Record-Shattering Sales At Karl Lagerfeld's Estate Auction

Dec 27, 2021 / Auctions

Two record-breaking sales happened at Karl Lagerfeld’s estate in Paris. One was a black Chanel tote bag and the other, a Martin Szekely.

Never-Before-Seen Drawings by Gérald Genta Up For Auction

Dec 23, 2021 / Culture

Successful bidders will also have an NFT replica of each physical artwork.

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