Tom Ford: Look Good on Camera

Apr 09, 2020 / Beauty

Three unavoidable key factors dictate the success of every on-camera situation and in some cases, significantly affect productivity as well.

LVMH: Anti-Viral Warfare

Mar 17, 2020 / Beauty

LVMH has ordered its parfums facilities to produce hand sanitisers in order to combat the coronavirus, a move which has not been seen since WW2 when watchmakers made arms. Who was the influence? Pioneering Philanthropist Andrew Carnegie

The Gucci Alchemist Garden's Latest Fragrance

Mar 05, 2020 / Beauty

Gucci unveils a new addition to its ultra-luxurious haute couture perfume collection, with hints of vetiver, papyrus, cedarwood and ginger.

"Anti-Fragrances" For The Man's Man

Aug 07, 2019 / Beauty

These five “scent-less” male scents are a break from the usual fruity and floral nodes traditionally found in fragrances.

Skincare Spotlight: High Performance Moisturisers

Aug 05, 2019 / Beauty

When it comes to skincare, what men want are simple routines, and effective products. The six moisturisers featured here strike that beautiful balance.

French Made Traditional Chinese Medicine You've Never Heard Of

Aug 05, 2019 / Beauty

Laurent Boillot, CEO of Guerlain (LVMH Group) and founder of Cha Ling, the group’s first Traditional Chinese Medicine wellness brand is betting big on China

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