Where a Tech Billionaire Lives

Sep 17, 2020 / Properties

Having cycled through more agents than one can count, the Solana estate finally meets its match.

Lost House

Sep 14, 2020 / Properties

Renowned architect, David Adjaye constructs the ‘Lost House’ to showcase a masterful configuration of space with ample light and refined interiors.

1604 Winchester Road

Sep 10, 2020 / Properties

Once the home of bootleggers and gun runners, the 1604 Winchester Road estate is now worth an estimated $24.9M.

An Ultra Minimalist Bungalow

Sep 08, 2020 / Properties

In crafting the Litibu bangalow, PALMA draws inspiration from the region’s vernacular architecture, rich culture, and climate.

Ideal Summer Homes

Sep 07, 2020 / Properties

As temperatures in most parts of the world drop to their annual low, we reminisce warmer days and dream of the ideal summer home escape.

The Best Places To Workation

Sep 03, 2020 / Hotels

Dubbed a ‘workation’, an increasing number of employed individuals now seek asylum in lavish hotel apartments.

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