Takashi Hara’s Resilience x Cactus x Piano

Mar 23, 2021 / Events

Takashi Hara’s third solo exhibition in Paris is a celebration of human resilience in the face of difficult situations.

Cherry Blossoms: Damien Hirst

Feb 16, 2021 / Events

Damien Hirst’s latest series of paintings entitled “Cherry Blossoms” will be revealed in June this year at his first museum exhibition in France, courtesy of The Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain.

JAZZ Gala: Let There Be Love

Feb 15, 2021 / Events

Enjoy world-class jazz performance in the comfort of your home.

ATA Goes Digital

Dec 18, 2020 / Events

In light of Covid-19, the upcoming 25th edition of the Asian Television Awards is set to air live online with an all-new show format.

The Asian Television Awards Celebrate 25 Years

Jul 08, 2020 / Events

For the first time in 25 years, the prestigious Asian Television Awards which has championed the region’s most talented Media and Entertainment professionals, will be held in Cambodia.

Will the Singapore F1 Night Race be Cancelled?

Apr 07, 2020 / Events

With mounting death toll and fears of a second wave of coronavirus outbreaks, LUXUO studies the economic and social impact of going ahead with the famed Formula One Night Race

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