Revolutionary: Veronica Chou's Everybody & Everyone

Dec 30, 2019 / Business of Luxury

LUXUO has previously reported that sustainability in fashion might be a fallacy and business woman Veronica Chou, daughter of the textile tycoon Silas Chou might have just proven that her brand might actually be truly eco-friendly

President Leica Asia on Photography Culture

Jul 04, 2017 / Accessories

The landscape of photography has been rapidly changing; especially with the way people produce and consume it. From mobile phones to images that live for only 24-hour on social media, and iClouds as a way of storing images, one of the major changes is the reduction in the production of photography for personal documentation and appreciation.

Interview: Lisa Crosswhite of Chi Chi Von Tang

Aug 16, 2016 / Fashion

Supermodel-turned-designer Lisa Crosswhite speaks to us about her growing fashion label, the obstacles she’s faced and future plans for Chi Chi Von Tang.

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