Ludovic Tendron on Unlocking Influence

Dec 23, 2019 / Celebrities

Master negotiator Tendron discusses whether Donald Trump really knows the art of making deals and the indispensable tools for businessmen

The Coolest Hollywood Celebrity Voices Alexa

Dec 13, 2019 / Celebrities

This Christmas, Samuel L Jackson is available as a voice for Amazon Alexa, giving your virtual assistant much needed personality and colour. Yes, there’s an option for profanity.

How Jordan turned Creed

Oct 29, 2019 / Celebrities

Face of Coach Michael B. Jordon had to chisel away at his physique to turn into the hulking Adonis Creed, this is how he did it

Eton is dooming Britain

Oct 07, 2019 / Celebrities

Boris Johnson, a graduate of the world-famous Eton college is emblematic of a problem that elite schools are producing confident but incompetent leaders

World's Best Paid Athletes 2019: Behind the Numbers

Aug 29, 2019 / Celebrities

Here’s an in-depth look at the athletes and sports that made bank on this year’s Forbes Athlete Rich List.

20 Lessons: Remembering Anthony Bourdain

Jun 27, 2019 / Celebrities

There are many lessons we can learn from Anthony Bourdain and thus perpetuate a legacy of his life, rather than his untimely passing.

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