A Night in Berlin With Karl Lagerfeld

Apr 17, 2020 / Celebrities

Hotel de Rome honors the life of Karl Lagerfeld with an exhibition of 20 intimate portraits by Daniel Biskup.

Revenge Spending: Cost? $9 Million

Apr 16, 2020 / Cars and Bikes

Early this week, Cristiano Ronaldo, famed collector of supercars was rumoured to have bought the world’s most expensive car: Bugatti La Voiture Noire. It’s not true, he bought something else. It’s still crazy expensive.

First World Problems: Quarantined while Rich

Apr 13, 2020 / Celebrities

“Trapped” in one of the world’s most exclusive pieces of real estate – Yellowstone Club, a ski ranch in Montana, Justin Timberlake complains about 24 hour parenting

James Bond: It's Not Time to Die

Feb 17, 2020 / Celebrities

Following growing concerns over the mounting coronavirus death toll and over 70,000 infected, cast and crew of James Bond No Time to Die are cancelling their film premiere tour of China

There Were No Losers at The 92nd Academy Awards

Feb 11, 2020 / Celebrities

Oscar winner or not, everyone went home a champion at the 2020 Academy Awards, thanks to Distinctive Assets’ munificent $225,000 gift bags.

J-Lo and Shakira Won't Get Paid

Feb 04, 2020 / Celebrities

The Kansas City Chiefs weren’t the only winners of the 32nd annual Super Bowl, as halftime performers, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira earned a win of their own.

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