How Much is Each Friend Worth in 2021?

Jun 09, 2021 / Celebrities

In case you didn’t get it, we’re talking about the hit sitcom which ran from 1994 to 2004, and not your actual friends…

Bob Iger to Leave Disney

Mar 12, 2021 / Celebrities

After leading the company as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for 15 years and its Chairman for one year, Bob Iger is finally leaving the Mouse House.

Tiger Woods Voices Gratitude for Support

Mar 04, 2021 / Celebrities

The PGA Golfer made his first public statement, since the accident which left him hospitalised late last month. He expressed his gratitude for other golfers who wore his signature red shirt and black pants during a tournament.

Daft Punk Splits After 28 Years

Feb 23, 2021 / Celebrities

The duo have called it quits after working together for 28 years.

The Tower Of The Koutoubia Mosque

Feb 08, 2021 / Celebrities

Angelina Jolie is set to auction off the iconic WW2 piece with an estimated value of $3.4 million. We look at the painting’s journey from its creation during the War, subsequent owners, and its current fate at auction.

The King of TV

Jan 25, 2021 / Celebrities

Survived by three sons, Larry King has graced our television screens for over two decades by interviewing individuals from all walks of life.

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