This Inspiring 3D Installation Has Taken Paris By Storm

Ever touched a digital waterfall?

Jun 07, 2018 | By Shirley Wang

A Japanese tech firm, teamLab, known for creating stunning 3D installations is showcasing some of its best works from May 4 to September 4 at La Villette, an expansive exhibition hub in Paris.

Get close and personal with a waterfall like never before at teamLab’s “Beyond the Limits” exhibition in Paris.

The exclusive event is scheduled right before Japonismes 2018, a cultural event marking the 160th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and France. The astounding spaces are created by a massive array of computer-controlled digital projectors.

As part of the inviting 3D spread, one can experience, the “Universe of Water Particles on Au-dela des limites” – an enormous waterfall projected on a wall 11 meters high and 26.5 meters wide. Amongst other gaze-worthy installations are the “A Whole Year per Hour / Flowers and People, cannot be Controlled but Live Together” which basically showcases flowers blooming, growing and eventually shedding their petals in a never-ending cycle.

Visitors can also lie down on many of the digital images and virtually feel them for a more, life-like experience.  Most of the images are interactive: changing according to the participant’s position and physical touch, almost creating a shared virtual reality. Beyond the technical brilliance the images and sounds are simply gorgeous, and ever changing.

Per TeamLab leader Toshiyuki Inoko, “The exhibition will inspire people to rethink about boundaries in their daily lives and across the world.” And we second that thought in 3D!

Enter the enchanting space and glimpse into the brilliant minds of an extremely creative and generous team of artists that simply defies the boundaries of creativity and imagination.

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