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3 Chanel Fall/Winter Eyewear Styles

Matching their ready-to-wear collection, Chanel has eyewear in a few variations for the season.

Jun 16, 2016 | By Staff Writer

Fitting in with their ready-to-wear collection for this season comes the matching Chanel Fall/Winter 2016-2017 eyewear collection. These fancy glasses stretch over a variety of styles, ensuring that whatever tastes you have out there can be covered. Want to look contemporary and cool in the city, or perhaps you’re aiming for a look that feels more cyberpunk than anything else? Don’t worry, there’s just the right kind of frame for you. The whole collection is due in stores from June 2016 (which is now), with faceted glass designs available from September.

Urban Chic

Chanel Eyewear Urban Chic

These bedazzling shades are finished in acetate with scrolls of black ink for that swirling glow, and the lenses themselves have a metallic mirror sheen creating a cool effect. Of course, besides sunglasses, you can also have optical frames instead, and you can even ask for different frame types such as butterfly, square, and panto shapes. The frames come in colors ranging from deep blue and silvery green to amber-yellow, black and brown.


 Chanel Eyewear Vintage

This was spotted and singled out at the catwalk show because of its distinctive lack of a surrounding frame. The lenses take center stage here, of course. The oversized design and hand-polished faceted edges make for an exaggerated effect. Also notable are the softer palette of colors involved, ranging from pale gray to champagne shades. The lenses come in butterfly, octagonal and cat’s eye shapes.



Now this is the futuristic-chic solar mask for you if, by some chance, you’ve always wanted to look like an extra from Blade Runner’s neon-lit streets. It has an ultra-graphic flat aspect and is quilted around the edges with a laser. Yes, that’s right, lasers were involved here. They’ve had it out before, in the summer, but this version has new colors and shapes – with pilot and rectangular masks in silvery gray, orange/red and violet blue.

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