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Modular wireless speakers: Bang and Olufsen’s new BeoSound Shape provides amazing sound and spruce up plain walls

This isn’t your ordinary sound system. Bang & Olufsen’s new sound system marries cool design with functionality to give you an elegant musical experience while dressing up plain walls.

May 22, 2017 | By AFP Relaxnews

Danish manufacturer Bang & Olufsen has unveiled the BeoSound Shape, a new wireless speaker system with a sleek minimalist design and a modular setup. Launched at the Salone de Mobile Milan, the new audio system is made up of a series of hexagonal tiles, arranged on a wall in a unique, customisable and modular design. The system can even help improve interior acoustics when not in use.

Each tile has a specific function, as a speaker, an amplifier, an acoustic damper or a connectivity hub. They can be pieced together in endless combinations of varying sizes and are available in several colors. What’s more, the arrangement of the tiles has a direct impact on the acoustics of the room. At the heart of the speakers is the BeoSound core, a connectivity hub that has the hardware for AirPlay, Chromecast, Spotify Connect, and Bluetooth 4. Although the speakers are largely focused on wireless connectivity, it also has wired inputs for Ethernet.

The system uses an algorithm, developed by Bang & Olufsen, to ensure an immersive, centered soundstage no matter where you are in the room. In other words, the lead singer stays in the center of the soundscape and the instruments join in from the sides, seemingly staying in their place even when you move around. This creates what Bang & Olufsen calls a “band on the wall,” giving listeners the impression of a band playing live in the room. B&O has also developed an online design tool to help audio fans pick a layout for their tiles, suggesting optimal placements for the best results.

The BeoSound Shape will be available from Bang & Olufsen stores from August 2017. Prices depend on configurations (size, fabrics, etc.), but the basic kit, including eight tiles (four speakers, two sound-absorbing acoustic dampeners, one amplifier and one housing for the BeoSound Core connectivity hub) will start at €4,000 (approx. $4,265).

For more information, do visit Bang & Olufsen. Check out the B&O BeoSound Shape in this video:

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