TOGETHXR: The Brainchild of Four Female Olympians

Four US Olympians have joined forces to launch a new media platform named TOGETHXR, which aims to shine the spotlight on women in sports and create a more inclusive media landscape.

Mar 08, 2021 | By Abram Yum
Clockwise from top left: Chloe Kim, Alex Morgan, Sue Bird and Simone Manuel

Despite growing numbers of women getting into sports, most female athletes go largely unnoticed with most of the attention still focused on males. In fact, according to decades of research done by The Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport at the University of Minnesota, only 2-4% of coverage focused on women’s sports. Nicole M. LaVoi, director of the aforementioned Tucker Center, said in an interview with CNN, “The paradox is coverage has gone down while more and more girls and women are playing sports.”

Frustrated with this lack of coverage and inclusivity, four US Olympians came together and sought a way to shift that spotlight, give more female athletes a chance to tell their stories, and inspire the next generation. Thus, TOGETHXR was born. The new media platform was created by snowboarder Chloe Kim, swimmer Simone Manuel, basketball player Sue Bird, and soccer player Alex Morgan and launched on Tuesday, 2 March.

The quartet are all extremely accomplished athletes in their respective fields. Kim became one the youngest winter Olympians to clinch a gold medal after her performance in 2018 at the age of 17. Manuel won four gold medals at the 2016 Olympics, becoming the first female African American swimmer to win an individual gold medal. Bird won four Olympic gold medals with the US Women’s Basketball team and Morgan won one with the Women’s National Soccer Team. Now they intend to pass on that passion and ambition, inspiring young women to chase their dreams and make themselves heard. They stated in their launch statement on Twitter that they wanted to be “champions for every young woman who dares to dream.”

On this topic of inspiring the next generation, TOGETHXR’s Chief Content Officer Jessica Robertson had this to say in an interview with CNN, “This brand is certainly for this generation, it’s for our co-founders and their teammates, and this collective women’s sports landscape, but it’s really for the next generation.” Robertson stated that TOGETHXR aims to empower young girls by being “a place to go that feels like they’re bigger than themselves, gives them something to aspire to, and to be seen and heard and recognized.”

Chantel “Chicanita” Navarro whom TOGETHXR’s first docuseries is centred around; Image Credit: Image Courtesy of Will Navarro Photography

TOGETHXR unveiled its first trailer for a docuseries dubbed “Fenom”, centred around Chantel “Chicanita” Navarro, a 17-year-old boxer aiming to fight in the Olympics. Apart from that, it has been reported that the company would create short-form content daily for their social media pages along with more original long-form content for their YouTube channel.

To learn more about TOGETHXR, their mission, and upcoming projects, head over to their newly launched website.

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