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Rainbow Stairways

Community in Turkey comes together to paint public stairways

Feb 17, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Here’s a simple story that might brighten up your dreary Monday morning: 

The neighborhoods of Fidikli and Cihangir (Istanbul) have been painting public stairways bright colours to resemble a rainbow. Community members young and old took to the streets and collaborated in this lovely project. Initiated by a retired forestry engineer from this community, this project was done with the simple intent of putting smiles on the faces of others. It took a total 4 days to complete with a modest budget of 800USD. Not only did it fulfill its purpose but the rainbow coloured stairways are also became a bright, loud space for many members of the LGBTQ community within these neighborhoods to advocate their cause.

Because of this, conservatives within the city had asked the residents to re-paint the stairs. Despite the repainted stairways, the residents used social media to spread the word of this ruling as well as organize themselves to re-paint the stairway, bringing cheer and colour back to the community.


Initial Rainbow Stairway:  

Rainbow Stairways 1

Rainbow Stairways 10

Rainbow Stairways 4

Rainbow Stairways 5

Rainbow Stairways 6

Rainbow Stairways 7


Restoring color in the neighbourhood after the stairways were painted grey: 

Rainbow Stairways 8

See more pictures in this videos: 


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