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Swapping clothes with my Grandma

qozop photographs youths exchanging clothes with their grandparents

Feb 16, 2014 | By Staff Writer


An interesting photography project done by qozop called “spring-autumn” explores the notion of age, identity and generational gaps by taking pictures of young people wearing their grandparents clothes and vice versa. In the past, distinctions between clothings of the elder generation and the younger generation were not as vast due to the significance of tradition and culture. Despite modern touches in the clothings of the youths of that time, traditional wear such as cheong-sums, kabaiyas and sarees were worn by both the young and old. Nowadays, the younger generation have less in common with the older generation. In Singapore, a rapidly developing and evolving society, elements of the past (cultures, dialects and even traditional wear) are fading. The juxtaposition of the new and old elements captured in the photographs also subtly reflect the generational gaps and fading cultural identities in our society.


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Images from qozop

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