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Hong Kong’s micro-apartments

A new ad campaign highlighting the poor living conditions in Hong Kong’s micro-apartments

Feb 16, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Hong Kong’s notoriously tiny apartments have always drawn intrigue, curiosity and disbelief. A new ad campaign by the Society for Community Organization sheds light on the problems of overcrowding and sub-par living conditions through an astonishing set of photographs. Aerial shots of these apartments highlight the crowded living spaces, with people, objects, belongings and furniture crammed into spaces of no more than 50 square metres. The purpose of the photo essay is to spread awareness about the problems of rising living costs, and the struggles residents face day to day. The photo essay taken by Benny Lam was one of’s best photo essays of 2013. 

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Photos courtesy of Benny Lam and the  Society for Community Organization 

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