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Epic new tree house by Baumraum

Baumraum provides swanky gathering place for scout group

Jul 01, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Architect Baumraum has created an impressive new abode for a scout group near Wolfsbury, Germany. With the help of a troop of young people on the Almke Campsite, Baunraum constructed an incredible treehouse. The elevated structure is built around pine trees and is fully installed with facilities and rooms where the scouts can congregate, eat and sleep. The entire structure is supported using wooden columns, beams and sturdy diagonal bracings. It is comprised of two smaller buildings that face one another with the lower building being large enough for up to eight people to sleep in. There is also a cozy dining room, living area and even a kitchen area fit with cooking equipment. Baumraum has also built stairs to connect both buildings, forming one luxurious living space. 








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Images courtesy of Baumraum

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