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Space Hotel To Open In 2025, But How Accessible Is Space Tourism?

May 10, 2022 / Travel

Travelling to space will definitely be expensive, but Orbital Assembly plans to make it accessible even with the backlash of where the money should go instead.

Space Perspective Unveils World’s First Space Lounge

Apr 13, 2022 / Travel

Pioneering tourism company offers the quintessential astronaut experience in a new era of luxury travel experiences.

Space Tourists Get Ready for 2018 Launch

Oct 16, 2016 / Jets

Blue Origin is ready to send paying travelers into space by 2018 after successfully testing its in-flight escape system.

Elon Musk Presents Bonkers Mars Mission

Sep 30, 2016 / Billionaires

Musk thinks this is possible if we send 100 humans at a time, possibly costing as low as $100,000 per person. Yes, that’s the low estimate…

Virgin Galactic Soars on Test Flight

Sep 11, 2016 / Billionaires

Though VSS Unity soared to over 50,000 feet, it is too soon to get excited if you were hoping of booking a ticket and becoming a space tourist.

First Private Lunar Trip Approved: Moon Express

Aug 09, 2016 / Travel

US firm Moon Express said it had received approval from the government to send an unmanned lander to the moon in 2017, in a first for private industry.

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