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Space Tourists Get Ready for 2018 Launch

Oct 16, 2016 / Jets

Blue Origin is ready to send paying travelers into space by 2018 after successfully testing its in-flight escape system.

Elon Musk Presents Bonkers Mars Mission

Sep 30, 2016 / Billionaires

Musk thinks this is possible if we send 100 humans at a time, possibly costing as low as $100,000 per person. Yes, that’s the low estimate…

Virgin Galactic Soars on Test Flight

Sep 11, 2016 / Billionaires

Though VSS Unity soared to over 50,000 feet, it is too soon to get excited if you were hoping of booking a ticket and becoming a space tourist.

First Private Lunar Trip Approved: Moon Express

Aug 09, 2016 / Travel

US firm Moon Express said it had received approval from the government to send an unmanned lander to the moon in 2017, in a first for private industry.

Virgin Galactic Reveals New Spaceship

Feb 21, 2016 / Jets

Some 16 months after the fatal crash of the Virgin Galactic commercial spacecraft, Richard Branson’s space tourism firm revealed a follow-up February 19.

SpaceX Fails Ocean Landing January 17

Jan 12, 2016 / Jets

Following up on our coverage of space tourism efforts in general, SpaceX is trying this weekend to once again land a rocket on an ocean platform.

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