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A luxury phone pays homage to Gustav Klimt

Jul 19, 2014 / Gadgets

After paying tribute to Piet Mondrian and Vincent Van Gogh, luxury phone manufacturer Mobiado has turned its attention to Austrian painter Gustav Klimt.

Mobiado honors Piet Mondrian

Mar 11, 2014 / Gadgets

MOBIADO has launched a design-led, limited edition handset to mark the birthday of Dutch artist Piet Mondrian on March 7.

Finally, a Cellphone Made of Marble!

Nov 01, 2012 / Gadgets

Produced by luxury mobile design company Mobiado, based in Canada, the Grand Touch Executive is made from a “stone hybrid material” and sapphire crystals.

Mobiado Grand Touch Aston Martin phone

Mar 03, 2012 / Gadgets

Grand Touch Aston Martin Phone is the second phone released by Mobiado as part of their Aston Martin collection. The body of this mobile phone is constructed from solid aircraft aluminum meticulously CNC machined and anodized to create smooth and elegant hard surface for the exterior body. The surfaces of the bodies are created with […]

Mobiado unveils the Grand 350 Aston Martin

Aug 30, 2011 / Gadgets

After the Mobiado concept phone for Aston Martin, the Canadian luxe phone-maker is finally out with the first phone off the Aston Martin collection. The Grand 350 Aston Martin body is CNC machined from aircraft specification aluminum, and anodized to produce an elegant hard surface. The frame is then inlayed with sapphire crystal. The infrared […]

Aston Martin & Mobiado Luxury Phone

Mar 25, 2011 / Gadgets

Aston Martin and luxury mobile phone maker Mobiado have announced that they have teamed up to produce a collection of luxury mobile handsets. Their first concept phone is called CTP002. It is basically one big, transparent sapphire glass with two titanium edges on the left and right. This phone shares a special connection with the […]

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