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Omega limited edition: #SpeedyTuesday Sells Out in 4 Hours

Omega confirmed that a mere 4 hours – 4 hours, 15 minutes and 43 seconds to be precise – after the Instagram pre-order push began, the watch had sold out

Jan 12, 2017 | By Staff Writer

A couple of days ago, we received news of a new limited edition Omega Speedmaster – the Omega Speedmaster “Speedy Tuesday Limited Edition more informally known as #SpeedyTuesday – was going to be available for pre-order in an exclusive Instagram push. While respecting the embargo on it, we pushed out the news as soon as possible that Tuesday (hence #SpeedyTuesday), via the social media magnet otherwise known as Instagram. Yes, the hashtag forms the actual name of this limited-to-2,012-pieces watch. Well, needless to say, plenty of watch journalists did the same and my own Facebook feed – dominated as it is by my obsession with timepieces – exploded. For one shining moment, Omega trumped Trump…

Now, watches aren’t interesting to most people, not in the way a supercar is. At least at Luxuo, we know this for a fact. Happily, the social media canvassing we witnessed for this watch was deeply gratifying. Sadly, it did not in fact actually rival news about the US President-Elect. It might not even compare against Mitch McConnell’s social media presence (that’s #mitchmcconnell for those who care).

Amazingly, Omega has confirmed that a mere hours – 4 hours, 15 minutes and 43 seconds to be precise – after the postings began, the watch had sold out. If this was a supercar, we would have expected the watch to have sold out well before any public news broke. Once again, this is a watch and not a tongue-twisty affair with more components that the Large Hadron Collider. This is the improbably named #SpeedyTuesday, proving that yes, Tuesday can indeed be speedy!

It is, frankly, unprecedented, as far as we know and it is difficult to underestimate how important this is, especially given the challenging retail climate we find ourselves in. The WOW Features Editor Jamie Tan tells me that Sennheiser accomplished something similar with its HD6XX on Massdrop but when it comes to watches, we are unaware of any other examples of such an unqualified success. Now, full disclosure here, as the editor of WOW, I’m positively beside myself; I might have even been moved to tears. Yes, I did not manage to pre-order the #SpeedyTuesday so color me #sad.

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