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Prada Stuns Milan Fashion Week with New Co-Creative Director, Raf Simons

Strutting the runway season after season, Prada presented its latest Fall/Winter 2020 Men and Women’s collection at the Fondazione in Milan, and welcomed fashion designer, Raf Simons as a brand new co-creative director.

Feb 26, 2020 | By Julia Roxan

Strutting the runway season after season, Prada is considered one of the most highly anticipated shows at the annual Milan Fashion Week. Presenting its latest Fall/Winter 2020 Men and Women’s collection, at the Italian luxury house’s Fondazione venue on Largo Isarco – the esteemed brand formally announced fashion designer, Raf Simons as its brand new co-creative director at a secret press conference in the city.

Prada Stuns Milan Fashion Week with New Co-Creative Director, Raf Simons

“As times change, so should creativity – the synergy of this partnership is far-reaching, It is a reaction to the era in which we live – an epoch with fresh possibilities, permitting a different point of view and approach to established methodologies.”

With a warm welcome, the brand’s latest appointment stems from a longstanding, deep sense of reciprocal respect between Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons. With the aim of inciting new opportunity for dialogue between renowned and influential designers, fashion enthusiasts can expect to see a series fresh yet innovative twists in every collection – a quality the brand reckons as inherently “Prada”.

Officially assume his role as co-creative director no later than April 2nd, Simon’s debut collection is currently set for the following Milan Fashion Week in September.

“I’ve always thought Prada clothes looked normal, but not quite normal, they have little twists about them that are disturbing, or something about them that’s not quite acceptable. Perhaps there’s a bit of bad taste. But bad taste isn’t bad taste: It’s different taste. Besides, kitsch is part of today.”

Known for toying with proportion, out-of-the-box inspiration and dramatically playful design, Prada’s collections are revered for their creative and bold wearability. Showcasing an array of sleeveless knitwear, boxy blazers, plush corduroy coats, trim slacks and snub-nosed leather boots, this year’s Men’s Fall/Winter collection presented a lively mix of textural tweed-like fabric and the brand’s signature rubber accents, accentuated by patterned sweaters and color-blocked accessories.

Toeing the line between uniformity and the avant-garde with ruffle bibs, geometric patterns and shearling coats, the Prada Women’s collection did not disappoint. Melding the utilitarian with the aberrant and idiosyncratic, the collection demonstrated functional silhouettes and wacky detailing in perfect harmony.

Designed for the 21st century’s working woman, the collection features cinched jackets and coats, belts with kiss-lock boxed-buckles, tweed suiting and knit sweaters, sharp button down shirts, and vibrantly colored ties, plus floral-embroidered dresses, sporty ribbed leggings and bralettes.

Alluring, mysterious and highly adaptable, Miuccia Prada’s designs mix technicality with creativity and are rooted in the desire to add value to each consumer, both at work and at play.

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