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The 10 Best Hotels in the World, according to Expedia

Marrol’s Boutique Hotel in Bratislava (Slovakia) was crowned best hotel in the world in Expedia’s annual “Insiders’ Select” ranking, published on June 27, 2012.

Jun 29, 2012 | By AFPRelaxnews

Marrols Boutique Hotel

Marrol’s Boutique Hotel in Bratislava (Slovakia) was crowned best hotel in the world in Expedia‘s annual “Insiders’ Select” ranking, published on June 27, 2012.

Expedia’s insiders drew up their list from 500,000 assessments provided by the website’s users. European and American hotels fill up the top of the list, but there are two outliers in the top 10.

The top spot goes to the Slovakian boutique hotel, followed by Al Codega in Venice, Italy, and the Central American Hotel Royal Corin in Fortuna, Costa Rica, which holds the highest spot of any hotel outside of the US or Europe.

The other outlier comes from India: the Taj Lands End in Mumbai is the only entry from the Asian continent in the top 10.

The list includes 650 hotels around the world, and Expedia used 500,000 user assessments that have been verified and analyzed.

The website only included the best-rated hotels in its listing, after assessing more than 150,000 hotels and resorts worldwide.

The 10 best hotels in the world

1. Marrol’s Boutique Hotel – Bratislava (Slovakia)
2. Hotel Al Codega – Venice (Italy)
3. Hotel Royal Corin – Fortuna (Costa Rica)
4. Hilton Garden Inn Aberdeen – Aberdeen (Scotland)
5. Four Seasons Miami – Miami, Florida (USA)
6. Madison Hotel Hamburg – Hamburg (Germany)
7. Element Omaha Midtown Crossing – Omaha, Nebraska (USA)
8. Sonnenalp Resort of Vail – Vail, Colorado (USA)
9. Taj Lands End – Mumbai (India)
10. Mr. C Beverly Hills – Los Angeles, California (USA)

Marrols Boutique Hotel bedroom

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