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‘World’s longest fashion show’ kicks off in Paris

Band of Outsiders is staging the “Longest Show Ever” with their single model living in a Parisian gallery for 60 straight hours, leaving only to change looks every 90 minutes during waking hours.

Jun 29, 2012 | By Luxuo

Band of Outsiders Longest Show Ever

Three days and two nights in a Paris art gallery windowfront, with books and passers-by for company, a male model got settled in Wednesday for what is being billed as the longest-ever fashion show.

Scott Sternberg, founder of the fast-growing US label Band Of Outsiders, took over the gallery to showcase a look inspired by the Occupy protest movement — and make his Paris debut on the sidelines of this week’s menswear shows.

“We’re playing on the idea of the immediacy of fashion, the sort of boom, boom runway,” the 37-year-old told AFP backstage at the venue in the historic Marais district. “We’re taking it slow and easy and seeing how that turns out.”

The longest show ever? “Maybe that was a bit of hyperbole,” he conceded with a grin…. I read something about something in Rio a few years ago. But it certainly feels like the longest show.”

Five hours into the event, model Brendan Ruck waved jauntily from behind the glass as he polished off a carton of takeaway noodles, minding not to splash any onto his pajama-stripe bermudas and shirt, worn under a see-through poncho.

“It’s been good so far — they’re feeding me well,” joked the 21-year-old Canadian as he emerged to change into the next of the 25 outfits he will be sporting through til Friday evening.

“I made a few sketches and wrote a journal entry and I’ve been reading this book called ‘Breakfast of Champions’ that Scott gave me. It’s pretty relaxed.”

For the next three days home will be a tiny cubicle of plywood planks furnished with a deck chair and folding table, a Z-bed and duvet, some books and paints and his iPhone for company, and some vintage props for decoration.

Running from 0700 GMT Wednesday to 1900 GMT Friday, the event is being fed live to the brand’s website at It wraps up with a party Friday evening, before the gallery is turned into a showroom for fashion buyers next week.

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