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6 Home Decor Products That Do More Than Just Look Beautiful

One is a light that makes your food appetising; another is a jug cum flower vase — up your ante in embellishing your space with these novel home accessories.

Feb 15, 2022 | By Joe Lim

For house-proud folks, there’s no better joy than to elevate or enhance your space with decorative, useful, and innovative home accessories. Some objects allow your cut flowers to stand out, others make your food seem more appetising, while some products introduce a calming scent to your beloved space. Whichever product you choose, these six items are sure to add a whole new dimension to your interiors and put a spring in your step in your home decoration pursuits.

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Fermob’s Aplo light is versatile in many situations. Image: Fermob.

Fermob’s rechargeable and portable Aplo lamp is supremely versatile as a table lamp, hand lamp, wall lamp, or pendant lamp. What would you like it to do? Well, it depends on your usage and environment. A few accessories are supplied so you can make the lamp hang from a tree branch via the hanging strap, or pop in the wall bracket to secure it to a wall.


Fermob’s Aplo is a versatile and rechargeable light. Image: Fermob.

Remove these accessories and it becomes a beautiful bulb-shaped lamp to put on your table or serve as a hand lamp if you need to look for something. The light temperature and brightness can be set according to your needs via the mobile Fermob lighting app. This glare-free light source is made from recyclable materials such as aluminium and polyethylene.

For more information on Fermob, click here.



Artemide’s Bonta is both a light source and food bowl. Image: Artemide.

Designer Attila Veress and Chef Davide Oldani of Ristorante D’O have created for Artemide a collection of white opal glass vessels and bowls in different sizes and colour which can be illuminated. Named Bontà, these bowls allow the dishes to be the star of the meal.


Artemide’s Bonta can illuminate your food and make them more appetising. Image: Artemide.

Its soft, indirect light from below makes the dish more alluring and appetising. The bowls can be detached from the luminaire’s base easily. The glass bowls offered in warm yellow to dark brown are the perfect foil for delicious nosh to be served.

For more information on Artemide, click here.

Tom Dixon


Tom Dixon’s Swirl candleholders can add pizzazz to small corners or tabletops. Image: Tom Dixon.

The Swirl candle holders designed by Tom Dixon belong to the Swirl collection consisting of home accessories such as vases, tables, and bookends. Capitalising the usage of geometric forms stacked upon one another to create a multidimensional, functional sculpture, these stunning candle holders make for perfect decorative pieces even when you don’t have candles!


Tom Dixon’s Swirl candleholders are made from powdered residue from the marble industry. Image: Tom Dixon.

Its bold patterns, substantial weight, and smooth texture are a treat for the hands and eyes. Made from powdered residue from the marble industry, these objects have a distinct aesthetic, colouration, and character.

For more information on Tom Dixon, click here.

Poltrona Frau


Poltrona Frau and Acqua di Parma diffuser is designed by GamFratesi. Image: Poltrona Frau.

The new home diffuser that marries two storied brands in Italian history — Poltrona Frau and Acqua di Parma — is really an exercise in simplicity. Designed by the famous Italian-Danish, husband-and-wife designer duo GamFratesi, the linear design is composed of two leather or saddle-leather discs with contrast stitching and a tone-on-tone dyed edge. This Home Diffuser utilises solid fragrances contained in “Pearls” which are encased as refills. Three scents are offered: Milano, Buongiorno and Luce di Colonia.


Poltrona Frau and Acqua di Parma diffuser are not only well made but stylish with a variety of leather hues to choose from. Image: Poltrona Frau.

The scent refills can be purchased separately to cater to personal taste: you can choose your favourite scent from among the classic Acqua di Parma fragrances or opt for the special Milano essence. The Home Diffuser can be activated directly on the diffuser or via the app. The app allows users to program the diffusion of the scents, defining their intensity and type. One can choose to diffuse the scents at specific times or days during the week or month. The app even integrates a special algorithm to optimise the scent emission.

For more information on Poltrona Frau, click here.

Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen-MizukiX

Georg Jensen’s Mizuki vase is designed by Nendo. Image: Georg Jensen.

Mizuki sterling silver vases designed by Japanese design studio Nendo for Danish silversmith Georg Jensen are inspired by tree forms. These silver vases with organic aesthetics, tree-like forms emanate the language of Japanese minimalism which shares the same DNA as the historic Danish brand.

Georg Jensen-Mizuki5X

Georg Jensen’s Mizuki vases can also be used as water jugs. Image: Georg Jensen.

The man behind Nendo is Oki Sato and he feels the concept of “water” for Japanese people is special as living on an island where water travels through agricultural land are natural. The curves of Mizuki vases are labour intensive as the intended shapes are made by repeatedly melting them at high temperatures to secure their final form. It is finished with many rounds of expert polishing. The Mizuki vases are multifunctional as they can be used as jugs to pour water or serve as a vase to display blooms.

For more information on Georg Jensen, click here.



Muuto’s Kink vase is made of ceramic. Image: Muuto.

American-born, Rotterdam-based Rachel Griffin of Earnest Studio is focused on product and furniture design. Her Kink Vase for Scandinavian furniture brand Muuto is all about creating a contemporary form for the archetypal flower vase. Through her approach of playful design informed by traditional craftsmanship, shaping the typical vase was achieved through digital manipulation of simple shapes on the computer.


Muuto’s Kink vase is designed by Rachel Griffin. Image: Muuto.

This ceramic piece is not only a purposeful vase to hold flowers, its sculptural expression is also artistic even without blooms. Available in sand and light blue hues, the double-opening vase also suggests a new way of expressing your floral design narratives.

For more information on Muuto, click here.

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