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Top Interior Design Trends for 2022

What are some of the interior design trends to look out for? We stare into the crystal ball and unravelled some of these trending ID looks for 2022. Instagram helped us to clue into some of the key interior styles to get inspired. Ready for an interior makeover in 2022? Here are some trends to take note of.

Feb 04, 2022 | By Joe Lim

Rustic Nouveau

This style is really neutral and characterised by darker wood tones like walnut or mid-tone browns. It’s stepping away from white oaks and a lot of the furniture is mostly European-inspired in style. It almost has a California-cool vibe. It’s complemented by deeper moodier colours like rust, oatmeal, sienna, and olive-toned velvets. Rustic Nouveau is a pared-down aesthetic from what we traditionally think of rustic-style from the heavy Tuscan period. This new style is a lot more minimal in terms of furniture styling such as Shearling chairs. It’s supplemented by beautiful soft furnishings and lots of washed linens. Designers to follow include Jake Arnold and Amber Lewis on Instagram.

Modern Grand Millenial

It’s a trend going back to the tradition of certain designers such as Studio McGee and Carlay Page. Think chintzy prints, floral patterns, layered looks, pairing it with modern furnishings and interior styles. Modern Grand Millenial is going the opposite of some traditional interior styles such as Minimalism and Mid-Century Modern. Envision lots of wallpaper, traditional upholstery, and rolled-arm sofas. It feels nostalgic and familiar.

Living Walls

Venetian plaster and limewash give your wall the most amazing texture, shadows and movement. It almost feels that they are alive! Limewash is a type of paint and it uses a technique to achieve the look; likewise for Venetian plaster. You can apply it on mantle pieces, or favourite corners. It helps to enliven a space and gives it texture and character.

Nature Inspired

Think browns and greens, two key colours are taken from nature. There are browns like caramels, toffee, sand, mocha, chocolate, cedar, and camel to take cues from.

Moss green sofas paired with wooden furniture create a nature-inspired roost. Image: Decorilla.

For greens, think sage, beetle green, moss, lichen, olive, pistachio, seaweed, fern, chartreuse, to name a few. These are nature’s hues to take a leaf out of Mother Nature’s design book. As lockdowns are common with the ongoing pandemic, introducing a nature-inspired home setting keeps us in touch with nature without going out of the house.

Lots of browns from wooden furniture pair well with soft furnishings sporting hues such as toffee, oatmeal, and sand. Image: TrendBook.

Soft Post Modern

Post Modern was a time of clashing colours and sculptural furniture or accent pieces.

Soft Post Modern is about incorporating sculptural furniture and accessories paired with neutral coloured surfaces. Image:

However, Soft Post Modern is neutral in colours in terms of walls and surfaces. It is still paired with sculptural and unconventional furniture but they are tamed in their colour expression. You can also consider glass wall lights to help brighten the room up even more than it already is. 

Think soft, cool hues as your background then complement it with brightly coloured sculptural furniture pieces to create a Soft Post Modern look. Image: Apartment Therapy.

Think low sofas such as Cassina’s Soriana sofa system and B&B Italia’s Camaleonda sofa. Their curved and rounded forms are a nod to the Soft Post Modern style that is trending. Add accent tables or sculptural vases or accessories to complement the look. Read about Soriana sofa and Camaleonda sofa here.

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