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Experience Johnnie Walker Blue Label at the Exclusive Depth of Blue

Happening till the 13 December, immerse in the magical world of Johnnie Walker Blue Label at its Depth of Blue pop-up at Mandala Club.

Dec 12, 2022 | By Asaph Low

An elegant dark blue band wraps the Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottle. Its colour shade suggests elegance, authority and even mystery, superlatives that describe the elusive liquid gold within. You may wonder, how special is a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch whisky? For a start, it is a concoction of Scotland’s rarest and finest whiskies blended for this unrivalled masterpiece. Only one in 10,000 casks in Johnnie Walker’s reserves of over 10 million maturing Scotch whiskies has the richness and character required to intricately craft the Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Johnnie Walker’s master blender Dr Jim Beveridge and his small team of expert blenders are tasked with harmonising the many different whiskies to deliver a bottle of Scotch of elusive quality, character and flavour befitting of the legendary deep blue band.

Words alone do not do justice to the expression, which is why guests are invited to immerse in the multi-sensory Depth of Blue experience with Johnnie Walker. A journey encompassing sight, sound, smell and taste awaits as the Mandala Club is transformed into space fit the Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

“This is a multi-sensorial experience that explores the incredible layers of flavour in this exceptional whisky. As blending experts, we’ve worked hard with the experiential team to create something that is inspired by our work as whisky makers to craft those rolling waves of flavour that make the whisky just so special,” says Johnnie Walker Master Blender Emma Walker.

To fully prime your senses to enjoy the fine Scotch Whisky, a bespoke fragrance from Bogue Profumo and a specially commissioned 3D audio soundscape are curated as part of the experience. Without giving anything else away, visit Depth of Blue happening from 9 to 13 December to fully immerse in the magical world of Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Tickets start from S$50 and are limited, so visit to reserve a spot for yourself.

This article first appeared on Men’s Folio.

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