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Trey Lingerie Designs Intimate Wear That Are Fit For The Soul

The brand’s ‘The Art of Women Hood’ collection is fashioned to be a comfort zone for wearers.

Dec 12, 2022 | By LUXUO

It’s no secret that there are many factors to consider when selecting the right lingerie for one’s body. In addition to looking sexy in this form of intimate wear, the wearer also has to feel empowered and comfortable in it. Enter: Trey Lingerie, a handmade lingerie brand that combines the style essence of Phnom Penh and Berlin into fashion garments for customers to feel at home in. 

Trey Lingerie is made with the decisive woman in mind: one who “plays with or without rules”, is independent and feels confident in her own skin. “We believe that good design should consist of transparency and honesty,” says the brand in its mission statement. “Lingerie should make you feel positive about your body.” 

Photography: Chem Vuth Sovin & Alex Tee Art Direction: Simmy Chhun Styles: Shasne Su Lingeries: Trey Lingerie by Simmy Chhun HMUA: Minh Chanvanda Model: Isadora Marshall Style Assistant: Hing Ker Sing Set Design: Rachny Norin & Sereysathya Nop Production Assistant: Sun Lay & Ya Skaravy Location: Le Parisien @The Commune, Phnom Penh Date: 30-Nov-2022

As such, the brand’s festive collection – titled ‘The Art of Women Hood’ exemplifies its values perfectly with a range that acts as an armour of sorts to empower women as they go about their lives. “We do not conceptualize the perfect body, we want all women to feel confident in our creations,” says Trey Lingerie. 

The range is created to assimilate easily into women’s lifestyles, to accompany them as they go about their day from morning to night, for any and every occasion. Each set in the collection represents the capabilities of women and allows the wearer to play around with their styles. 

Image: Chem Vuth Sovin and Alex Tee
Image: Chem Vuth Sovin and Alex Tee
Image: Chem Vuth Sovin and Alex Tee

The collection plays with colour schemes and correlates them with the time of the day. The morning set, in a beautiful teal colourway, is inspired by shapewear from the ’60s, the afternoon sets come in sky blue and hot red for a flashier look, and the night lace sets – in shades of black and gold for a more sensual feel. 

For more information about the collection, visit the brand’s website here.

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