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No Virus Nor Calamity Can Deter An Eager French Traveller

Lily of the Valley is one of many French resorts and holiday destinations, with sights set on enhanced domestic tourism.

Oct 07, 2020 | By Julia Roxan

Set between the gentle Riviera and bustling Saint-Tropez, Lily of the Valley is one of many French resorts and holiday destinations buzzing at the height of the season despite an ongoing lethal pandemic. Regarded an annual sacred ritual, French civilians wait an entire year, anticipating the opportunity to take a weeks-long domestic summer holiday.

No Virus Nor Calamity Can Deter An Eager French Traveller

Unlike the years before, the medieval cities, alpine villages and Mediterranean beaches of the French Republic rely heavily on its locals to compensate the loss of international tourism. Making up 60% of the nation’s tourism, and marking a 45% increase, domestic tourism has since proved substantially effective in keeping the country’s economy afloat.

Renowned for its varied selection of wellness programs, Lily of the Valley stands proud on Gigaro Hill, amongst the unspoilt nature, imbued with this vision that designer Philippe Starck has imagined, a hotel that does not impose itself on its environment, thus facilitating a place of balance, wellness and kindness. Philippe Starck, is a creator with an international reputation and protean inventiveness, who has always focused on one essential vision, to only produce creations of any form, that make life better for the greatest number of people.

Inspired by Babylon’s hanging gardens, the architecture of Provençal abbeys and the design of Californian villas, Philippe Starck has thus designed forty-four rooms and suites through positioning mineral buildings amidst lush vegetation. In a wild setting, these accommodations open-up to spacious terraces, offering views on the Mediterranean Sea and the protected hills of Cap Lardier.

Dedicating over 2000 square meters to sport, treatment and well-being, Lily of the Valley offers programs targeting weight control through detox, sports performance, slimming, better-aging and relaxation. These approaches encompass a series of health check-ups, engaging outdoor, indoor or aquatic sporting activities, expert wellness treatments and rigorous dietary monitoring.

Bathed in natural light, Lily of the Valley accommodates seven spacious treatment rooms where aesthetic, energizing and Ayurvedic treatments, along with wellness massages, are given by a team of experienced therapists. Peacefully co-existing with the natural surroundings it has quietly joined, the resort’s different living spaces where hotel residents harmoniously co-exist with the bountiful natural surroundings exude comfort, culture and generosity. Its relaxation area comprises of two saunas of different temperatures, a large steam room, a snow shower, an ice fountain, a relaxation room and an herbal tea room, whilst a generous and varied buffet breakfast is served at a combined lounge, bar and restaurant.

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