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Chinese Ceramics Dating Back to the Song Dynasty Breaks World Record

Song Dynasty’s Chinese Ceramics Fetched Close to HK$300 million in Sotheby Asia’s Auction

Oct 19, 2017 | By Andrea Sim

Photo Courtesy of Notey

During the recent Sotheby’s sale in Hong Kong, the Porcelain bowl dating back to the Song Dynasty has fetched a world record price of close to HK$300 million (est. $38 million). No stranger to the cultural origins in China, the porcelain bowls have about 900-years of history.

The decorative objects such as the porcelain bowl displayed at the auction exudes intricate design quality with an elegant and sensible  touch. As popular as it is delicate, it is no wonder the Chinese pottery craft wins over auctioneers.

“This is the first time in 77 years that more than six Ru vessels have made appearance at the world auction. Since then, Sotheby Asia has seen majority of the buyers coming from the mainland of China.” – Ceramics expert Regina Krahl

With the new pricing driven by new interests, Chinese ceramic bowls will continue to gain traction among ceramic collectors and aficionados alike. The prices of the Chinese pottery are set to increase in cycle with new interests for the exquisite items. Apart from mainland Chinese, Sotheby Asia saw interested buyers coming from other nationalities as well.

The previous sale in Hong Kong saw a small, blue-green item surpassing record, when a tiny piece of “chicken” cup created during the Ming dynasty was sold for more than HK$280 million in 2014, said Sotheby.

The intricate “Ru guanyao” bowl brush washer, measuring 13cm was fired in Northern Song dynasty is rare and famed for its extraordinary blue-green glaze.

“Ru guanyao” bowl is one of only four known pieces of Ru heirlooms in private hands, said Sotheby.





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