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Heroin Baggies

Graham Macindoe presents a different perspective on addiction with the series ‘All In’

Mar 14, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Contrary to typical images of drug abuse, the hotel rooms strewn with used needles, addicts barely conscious with tourniquets around their arms, Graham Macindoe presents a different perspective on addiction. His series ‘All In’ focuses on the baggies used to pack heroin. Macindoe was interested in capturing the marketing of the drug. He mentions that drug dealers, like any entrepreneurs, know how to appeal to their market with the topography and images referencing a good time (‘So Amazing’), risk-taking (‘Blackjack’) and on occasion, the not-so-subtle reality of the dangers that come with addiction (‘Flat line’ ‘Undertaker’). Of the series, Macindoe says “…the marketing of that drug, like any product, doesn’t always lead us to what’s promised. These images are a reminder of both the power of desire and the promises we as consumers want to believe will somehow change our lives.”

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O Dead Medicine 900

O Heroin 900

Photos courtesy of Graham Macindoe, find out more about his works at his website and his gallery

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