Sokkuan X Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka presents the “Absolut Sophie” mirror – a limited edition collectible designed by Singapore-based illustrator Sokkuan.

Sokkuan was the winner of “In an Absolut World, Every Drink is an Exceptional Experience” installation during Singapore Design Festival 2009.

The dark beauty is executed as a multifaceted mirror boxed in a matching package.

Sokkuan was inspired by the Bloody Mary legend of chanting into a mirror to summon her dark spirit; creating an alter ego Sophie Black.

“I adore people and things in harmonious contradictions. Sophie Black, my alter ego who exists in a world of pseudo reality, is the epitome of such paradox.”

“Playing on the well-known Bloody Mary legend, my design of this multifaceted handheld mirror reflects my fascinations with dark, quirky, mysterious yet beautiful essences exuded by both Bloody Mary and Sophie Black.”

This collaborative piece sparks Absolut’s path to encourage cocktail culture in Singapore and celebrates the opening of a new playing field within the cocktail and creative community.

Exclusively designed and distributed only at selected outlets in Singapore, this limited edition limited quantity handheld mirror is a gift item with every 2 bottles purchase of Absolut Vodka.

Source: Plussixfive – Visit Sokkuan’s blog