India Mahdavi teams up with Pierre Frey for a colourful “True Velvet” fabric collection

Sep 14, 2017 / Interiors

The polychrome collection by the Parisian-based designer offers beautiful velvets that are rich in colour and create illuminating interiors.

Dwell Acacia Collection

Aug 07, 2017 / Interiors

Sleek and simple is the name of the game with the collection available once again at the home-grown furniture brand’s studio

bornincolour: Parisienne French Classic Collection

Jul 18, 2017 / Interiors

From Paris to your living room, the furniture store presents you with classic designs to brighten up your home

THIS is the latest thing in Luxury Home Spa trends

Jun 16, 2017 / Collectibles

The indoor pool simply isn’t enough anymore

Swimming Pool Design Trends 2017

Jun 10, 2017 / Interiors

Fancy jazzing up the boring pool in your backyard? Take a look at some of the current tricks up pool designers’ sleeves

Chinese architecture: From loud to low-key

Jun 04, 2017 / Interiors

For years China was a playground for international architects, but new government policies aimed at curbing “bizarre” designs may usher in a new, more purposeful era of building

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