Minimalist's Parisian Dream House

Sep 22, 2018 / Interiors

With Kennedy Apartment Paris, veteran interior designer Guillaume Alan kept tbebeauty of French classicism exemplified by the traditional arches with a modern off-white colour palette and key punctuations of dark furnishings and marble

Shapeshifter, Game Changer

Aug 15, 2018 / Interiors

Rising from the sandy terrain is a three-story family home, with its unique design informed by the land it is built upon.

007 Exhibition In The Alps

Jun 12, 2018 / Interiors

This 007 exhibition installed in an on-location Bond villain lair will absolutely thrill your inner movie buff.

Transformation of the Little Flats

Jun 01, 2018 / Interiors

Maximising every square foot of precious land, this little apartment in Ukraine features some innovative reimaginations of space in a small apartment.

Marco-Pierre White Carved A Piece Of England In Singapore: Your Next Restaurant-Hotel Destination

May 11, 2018 / Interiors

Marco-Pierre White dubbed the first celebrity chef of the UK restaurant scene, opens a brand new restaurant-hotel in Singapore. The English themed transformation will leave you in awe.

Are you "car-on-wall" rich?

Apr 30, 2018 / Interiors

Think out-of-the-frame for your next interior design project and mount your favourite car for display.

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