World of Louis Vuitton: Echo

Apr 06, 2018 / Lifestyle

With the new Louis Vuitton Echo, travellers can move around the airport at ease and need not worry about misplacing the luggage or check-in bags even after touching down.

Experience LG’s First 4K UHD Projector

Jan 14, 2018 / Lifestyle

LG’s first 4K UHD projector to deliver stunning life-like images in compact, convenient package

Moet Hennessy's Alexa Responds on Voice Command

Dec 10, 2017 / Lifestyle

Concoct a drink for your esteemed guests and friends via Moët Hennessy’s Alexa and learn all the new skills needed, just in time for Christmas

Monet and Picasso Comes Alive with AR

Nov 22, 2017 / Lifestyle

Augment reality might not be a bad thing, it can aid in safeguarding the gems of the Museums around the world.

Amplify Your Listening Pleasure

Nov 13, 2017 / Lifestyle

Home owners can now look forward to these current HiFi systems craze for a more authentic seamless audio experience that offer both style and convenience, and sound quality that might very well become increasingly enticing for music aficionados.

World's Most Expensive iPhone X Case Protector

Nov 07, 2017 / Lifestyle

Crafted from Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium, Advent Aurora is the most expensive case in the world that looks just as good as your new iPhone X

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