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Top Luxury Gaming Accessories That You Will Love

Add a layer of luxury to your next gaming experience with these five gaming accessories that any online casino enthusiast should love.

Dec 28, 2023 | By Florence Sutton

Gaming has many important elements: graphics, game mechanics, gameplay, and storage. Many gaming systems will rely on gaming accessories to elevate gameplay. Certain headsets, for example, are noise-canceling and designed specifically for gaming so for those playing first-person shooters, the sounds of gunshots and enemy communication become more realistic. 

Many console game companies design their own branded gaming accessories to attract seasoned gamers to continue buying their products. Although this is common in the console gaming space it is not as common for online gamers, excluding branded headsets and physical game accessories. 

For those who wanted a new gaming experience, the idea of playing in a casino online was revolutionary ten years ago. Now, online casinos have had to keep up with new trends in gaming and offer a tailored experience through new games, payment methods, and incentives that keep their customers coming back. 

Among these incentives, some casinos have chosen to include products and services that are considered a luxury for their patrons, and some are reserved for the most avid gamers or loyal customers. However, in many cases, casinos will offer these to everyone for a price so everyone can feel included. 

Considering all the different add-ons out there, LUXUO counts down the top five accessories we think online casino enthusiasts love.

1. VR Headset Focused on Immersive Gameplay

Virtual reality gaming experiences have become a part of online casino play in exclusive casinos. VR has evolved dramatically over the last decade with its inclusion into travel, VR-inspired fashions, and now into gaming. 

New features are included within VR gaming in casinos which may not be offered without them. Some platforms have started to integrate a visible in-game scoreboard for players. In other platforms, VR headset users can even interact with people in-game, particularly in live dealer games. 

Some may even offer 3D gaming experiences and opportunities for players with VR headsets to connect for their love of VR. Online casino enthusiasts will love a VR headset for an immersive feel. They can feel as if they are physically in front of the table,  shuffling their cards.

For high-rollers, VR can add another layer of luxury to the gaming experience given players can have an advantage over what they can see, although this will depend if a game allows VR or is a VR-only one. 

2. A Reliable Poker HUD

More of a virtual accessory, a poker heads-up display is an online application that collects opponent statistics and displays them on-screen for the purchaser. HUDs are beloved by online casino enthusiasts because they enable players to see the value in their game for a fixed price. 

Not all online casinos will allow HUDs, but luxury and upmarket online casinos will likely do so to cater to their high-roller clients.

For luxury gamers, a simple data-driven approach allows them to have the facts right in front of them. HUDs also customize and add a personal touch to a person’s gaming experience because they are paying for something that enhances their strategy and in-game decisions that others do not have access to. Exclusivity is a big plus to avid gamers as they feel a sense of dedication and passion, and allowing players to use a hud is a way for casinos to recognise this.

3. A premium wireless headset with surround sound included

Any gamer who plays will have a headset. Turtlebeach, Razer, and Logitech have been known to be some of the biggest creators, but not all of their headsets are considered premium. Premium headsets have added features for gamers such as surround sound. Casino games have many sounds, the sound of cards being shuffled, wheels being spun, or the bells of the slots. 

Surround sound gaming headsets are appealing to gaming enthusiasts because they provide crystal clear sound, meaning players are transported from their seats into their screens as if they are physically in the game, hearing the sounds right in their ears. Headsets are also loved by gamers who do not live near physical casinos and haven’t experienced the thrill of the sounds in real life.

4. A heated gaming chair

Every great streamer out there has a comfy gaming chair, and online casino enthusiasts won’t be any different. A heated gaming chair is a luxury many can’t afford, as they would choose a comfortable chair over a warm one! However, many luxury gaming chairs have extra features such as massage features and features to keep gamers warm. 

In tense long casino games, a heated gaming chair is an investment for serious players. Picture this: a player stuck in a long Texas Hold’Em tournament, not able to leave their seats until the blinds end. Serious gamers will need a chair that keeps them warm in tense tournaments where they cannot leave. These chairs also tend to be made from more durable, cushion-like materials that mold to a person’s shape and don’t break their back. Generally, a heated gaming chair will enable gamers to enjoy extended gaming sessions without getting uncomfortable or cold, allowing maximum concentration in tournaments.

5. A High-Resolution Monitor Including a Wide Colour Gamut

For big casino enthusiasts, a high-resolution monitor is imperative to seeing, feeling, and observing the game. High-resolution monitors, specifically gaming ones, allow heightened gaming graphics. In high-stakes casino games, online casino players may appreciate this as they observe the game as better graphics means better observation! 

Players concerned about the visual experience will want to splash out on a monitor that has a wide color gamut. Visually, the wide color gamut allows elements of the game to appear more vibrant and colorful to the player’s eye which in a casino can enhance the appearance of the table, chips, or the bright lights of the slot machine. Particularly for live casino fans, as seeing each hand and cards being dealt in ultra HD is pretty satisfying if not nerve-wracking as heck!

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