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Interior Design Meets Olfactory Excellence

LouiseM Artist Workshop and Eco.French.Lab Olfactory Marketing House join forces to create an unprecedented sensory experience.

Feb 14, 2024 | By Florence Sutton
 The design “Harmonie vegetale” in situ

The partnership between LouiseM, an artist specialising in wall decor, and Eco.French.Lab, a personalised perfume house, promises to awaken the senses through an elegant multisensory experience that combines art and fragrances. Cécile is the artist behind LouiseM. With a passion for art, she blends painting and drawing to create exceptional wall decor that transports viewers into a unique, multidimensional world.

Pierrine and Anne Marie, founders of Eco.French.lab

Pierrine and Anne-Marie founded Eco.French.Lab together. Their company specialises in the creation of high-quality perfumes, with a focus on their commitment to the environment and the pursuit of quality and creativity in their fragrances.

A Story of Women

Cécile Founder of Atelier LouiseM Working on a Design

This collaboration is the result of exceptional life journeys and shared passions among creative and entrepreneurial women. Cécile, the founder of LouiseM, built a career in large corporations before following her passion for painting. On the other hand, Pierrine and Anne-Marie, co-founders of Eco.French.Lab, developed their careers in demanding professional environments while nurturing their shared passion for fragrance.

Visual Artist Cécile

Today, they bring together their talents and experiences to imagine and compose scented and decorative creations that “dress up” professional spaces such as offices, hotels, shops, headquarters, museums, or “private spaces,” prioritising craftsmanship, emotion, and well-being.

Enter The Graphic Universe

“Jardin Exotique Parfum” collaboration LouiseM & EcoFrenchLab

Creations from this unique collaboration will be available in various forms to suit all tastes and needs. Be it interior decor in the form of wallpaper, murals, or paintings, LouiseM’s artworks will be reproduced on high-quality wallpapers, allowing interior design enthusiasts to transform their spaces into havens of emotion. They will also be available as large-format murals and unique paintings, showcasing the quality of the graphic universe.

Jardin Exotique in situ

Perfumes, home fragrances, and candles; the olfactory compositions created by Eco.French.Lab will be available in two variations. Firstly, perfumes for personal use alongside home fragrances that create an enchanting atmosphere in any space through room sprays, candles, or professional fragrance diffusers.

“Harmonie Végétale Parfum Diffuser” collaboration LouiseM & EcoFrenchLab

This innovative collaboration, infused with emotion and refinement, promises to redefine standards in the realms of decoration and fragrances by creating a sensory experience of rare elegance.

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