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Dior’s Les Cerisiers Homeware Collection Combines Japanese Fantasy with French Refinement

Sharing a taste for both the avant-garde and the traditional — Dior’s Les Cerisiers highlights Christian Dior’s deep connection in Japan.

Apr 08, 2024 | By Sanjeeva Suresh

Maison Dior often uses their roots and heritage to inform the house’s future offerings. This was done in 2019 with the “Check’N’Dior”, a homeware collection that saw references to founder Christian Dior’s penchant for superstitious keepsakes. In 2021, the Dior “Constellation” collection showcased a clear nod to the stars with celestial motifs and zodiac-inspired prints. For Dior’s “Les Cerisiers” Line, astrology and superstition were replaced with enchanting florals, and delicate pastel motifs inspired by Dior’s admiration for Japan’s cultural wealth.

With a homage to the house’s heritage, the “Les Cerisiers” collection takes inspiration from Dior’s Spring/Summer 1953 haute couture ensemble dubbed “Jardin Japonais”, which is sublimated by a bird motif on a cherry blossom tree. “Les Cerisiers” sees a range of reimagined homeware essentials, including decorative candle holders, elaborate dishes, delicate glassware and embroidered table linens representing the brand’s everlasting awe of foreign lands. Each piece features immaculate details — from the 24-carat gold trim of a dinner plate to Italian-made hand-painted pink water glass. The series of essential pieces features subtle sketches of cherry blossom branches that are sometimes enhanced with raffia.

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Fashion houses continue to find new forms of differentiation to increase brand awareness and profit margins. While luxury brands may be turning toward the beauty and lifestyle industries to seek profits via the “lipstick effect”, fashion brand’s foray into homeware with Versace Home, Fendi Casa, Missoni Home and Louis Vuitton’s Cabinet of Curiosities proves that luxury fixtures could be an equally profitable artistic direction.

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