New York to London in 3 Hours

Feb 12, 2019 / Jets

Collaborative effort between Boeing and Aerion aims to return the glamour and luxury of supersonic jet travel to the 21st century.

Boeing Goes The Extra Mile

Dec 13, 2018 / Jets

The Boeing company has launched the new BBJ 777X business jets that will be capable of the world’s longest commercial flights from London to Sydney.

Gentleman's Club for a Private Jet

Aug 13, 2018 / Jets

Award-winning British design studio, Winch Design fulfils in-air fantasy with luxurious interiors providing comfortable flight at cruising altitude.

The World's Largest "Flying Bum"

Jul 31, 2018 / Jets

Unveiled at the Farnborough Airshow, the 302 ft long part airship, part helicopter, and part plane is practically a mansion in the air.

This Flaris Personal Jet Fits In Your Garage

Jul 19, 2018 / Jets

Dubbed the “world’s smallest business jet”, the LAR 1 developed by Metal-Master has detachable wings that size down the craft enough to fit in a garage.

This Submarine "Fighter Jet": Best way to spend £71,000

Apr 12, 2018 / Jets

The Seabreacher is an advanced submersible watercraft which combines literally every alpha male fantasy – jet ski, submarine and fighter for the ultimate water sports experience.

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