Tesla Model X Signature

Tesla Model X car now available for customization

Tesla Motors’ much-anticipated limited edition Tesla Model X Signature Series will be available in the market by the end of this month.

Tesla partners with Airbnb

Tesla Stations at Airbnb Locations

Joining forces with Tesla Motors, home sharing startup Airbnb is to install chargers for Model S cars in a select batch of rental locations.

Tesla Model S Sedan

Tesla will soon enable an autopilot mode

Tesla is testing its latest autopilot feature with the electric car’s upcoming semi-autonomous tech being tested by Model S drivers.

Tesla Model S Ocean Blue

Tesla announces new entry-level car

Tesla has revealed its Model S 70D, an all wheel drive electric sedan with a starting price of $75,000.

Tesla Model S P85

Tesla testing battery-swapping service

Tesla’s network of superchargers, covering much of the US, can add a 50 percent charge to a Model S battery in just 20 minutes.

The Tesla Roadster in London

Tesla to offer Roadster battery upgrade

Elon Musk gave fans of the Tesla Roadster something of a last-minute Christmas gift yesterday, with a Tweet promising an improved 400 mile range.

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