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Alila Purnama

Cruises: sailing yachts offer authenticity, adventure

Cruises let us get away from it all, leaving our troubles and everyday life on the shore. For an even more dramatic change of scenery, forgo the massive ocean liners and book a berth in one of these authentic and charming sailing yachts.

Alila Purnama

Cruise the Indonesian isles aboard the Alila Purnama

This traditional Phinisi ship, made of teak wood, measures 46 meters from stern to bow and has three decks. The Alila Purnama can accommodate 10 passengers along with its 16 crew members.

Guests are lodged in five luxury suites, including one with a panoramic view. Coral reef explorations and spa visits are among the activities included in the Komodo Isles or Raja Ampat cruises. A seven-day cruise for two people is priced at around $10,500.

Managed by Alila Hotels & Resorts: www.alilahotels.com.

Royal Clipper

Board the largest sailing yacht in service: The Royal Clipper

The majestic, five-masted Royal Clipper, measuring 134 meters, is touted as the largest sailboat still in service today. With the capacity to take on 227 passengers, the luxurious boat includes three pools and a gym. Depending on the season, the Royal Clipper sails through the Caribbean or the Mediterranean.

More information is available through Star Clippers: www.starclippers.com.

The Ponant

Cross the Atlantic on Le Ponant 

This three-masted sailing yacht, measuring 88 meters in length, accommodates 64 passengers alongside its 32 crew members in a refined ambiance. Passengers will find a pool, a sauna and two restaurants aboard the ship. Le Ponant sails through the Mediterranean in the spring and summer and in the French Antilles and Cape Verde in the winter. Twice per year, travelers can board the ship for a non-stop journey across the Atlantic (prices start at €1,250 or around $1,700).

More information is available through Compagnie du Ponant: www.ponant.com.

Lagoon 500

Explore the coast of Thailand in a catamaran 

Leaving from Phuket, an eight-cabin catamaran sails the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea, stopping at some of Thailand’s most exceptional island destinations, including the lagoons on Koh Phanak, the Koh Phi Phi beach, and Koh Lanta.

The 10-day “Thai Boat” cruise is available starting at  $2,800 per person. www.govoyages.com.

monohull sailboat

An active cruise in the Greek Isles

On a monohull measuring between 10 and 17 meters, a small crew takes passengers on a tour of the Greek islands from Santorini to Mykonos, giving them an opportunity to participate in manning the ship.

Passengers sleep peacefully in their cabins at night, and during the day they learn how to maneuver the craft using the sails. Swimming and excursions are also part of the experience.

The cruise is available through the French travel agency Comptoir des Voyages from May to October, with prices starting at €1,130 per person. www.comptoir.fr

Perini Navi 69m sailing yacht hull C2227

Perini Navi to Build Second Largest Yacht

Perini Navi 69m sailing yacht hull C2227

Launched nearly six years ago, the masterful 289-ft. Maltese Falcon remains Perini Navi’s crowning achievement.

While the yard has constructed many stunning yachts since then, none have approached the Falcon’s impressive length.

Now Perini Navi has signed a contract for a 226-ft. sailing superyacht, that, when completed, will be the second largest PN ever built, Superyacht Times reports.
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Superyacht Montigne

Superyacht Montigne from Aegean Yacht for sale

Superyacht Montigne

Montigne was built in 2009 by Turkish yard Aegean Yachts, for an experienced yacht owner who hails from Southeast Asia and is available for sale via Simpson Marine.

She is the well-executed culmination of the many thoughts and experiences the owner has had when sailing in his other yachts.

The sailboat offers charter guests ample opportunity to enjoy the outside world is extremely generous when it comes to guest accommodations.
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Wally Otto megayacht

Wally launched Maxi racing yacht Wally//Otto

Wally Otto megayacht

Wally has created a breakthrough yachting concept with the launch of a completely new idea. The Wally//Otto is the only One Design Maxi racing fleet.

Otto has been designed to sail with a limited crew and limited sail inventory to minimize campaign costs and maximize enjoyment.

The Otto also features a unique aft ’guest experience’ area where guests can enjoy the racing in comfort and safety, removed from the operations of the racing crew.
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sailing yacht elettra

Perini Navi founder’s sailing yacht for sale

sailing yacht elettra

The sailing superyacht Elettra, built by Perini Navi in 1987 for the personal use of the firm’s founder, Fabio Perini is now on sale for €2.3 million.

The 24.4 metre craft was one of the first ever built by the shipyard, which ushered in a new era of elegance for large yachts that could still be handled by a small crew.

Petite compared with Perini’s greatest achievement, the Maltese Falcon, Elettra can more than hold her own at the annual Perini Navi Cup in Sardinia.
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Louis Vuitton Trophy Dubai 2010

The final Louis Vuitton Trophy event is scheduled to start in Dubai on 12 November, featuring six of the top international sailing teams in the world.

The Louis Vuitton Trophy is a two-week sailing event and will take place at the Mina Seyahi, the home of Dubai International Marine Club (DIMC).

The boats used will be identical ACC yachts, the same sort as was used in the Americas Cup between 1992 right up to 2007, with the aim of ensuring that any team advantages fall within the realms of personal skill and sailing expertise.
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Perini Navi Building Megayacht to Top Maltese Falcon

At 289 ft., the amazing Maltese Falcon is the world’s largest, best designed, and most expensive sailing yacht – for now.

Its builder Perini Navi is now hard at work on a much larger sailing megayacht, a 335-ft. craft dubbed the C.2157, James Spotting reports.

Similar is styling to the Maltese, the 335-footer also has three enormous self- standing, rotating masts masts and will be equipped with an even more impressive version of Perini Navi’s revolutionary carbon fibre DynaRig sailing system.

Topping the Maltese’s 15 sails and 25,791 sq. ft. sail area, the 335 will be capable of a maximum speed of 19.5 knots despite its impressive size.
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French Chateau Revives Old Shipping Method

Follow sailing ship the Bessie-Ellen online, as it transports 20,000 bottles of Château Smith Lafite and Château de Cayx Bordeaux to Montreal on July 21.

Château Smith Lafite and Château de Cayx are using a classic sailing ship to transport their vintages to North America.

The sailing ship being used, the 120-foot (36.5 meter) Bessie-Ellen was built in 1904 in Portsmouth, England, and is one of the last remaining vessels of its kind.
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