Introducing the MB&F Legacy Machine 101

MB&F has unveiled its latest horological machine, the Legacy Machine 101.

MBF LM1 Xia Hang

MB&F Unveils Legacy Machine N°1 Xia Hang

MB&F has teamed with Chinese artist Xia Hang to create an intriguing and animated edition of MB&F’s Legacy Machine 1 (LM1).


MB&F x Reuge MusicMachine

Luxury watchmaker MB&F (Maximilian Büsser and Friends) together with Reuge, the world’s premier music box maker, have created a stunning piece called Music Machine.

HM4 Final Edition

MB&F Reveals HM4 Final Edition Watch

The MB&F HM4 Final Edition is last watch in the Horological Machine No. 4 line of watches and is based on a stealth fighter jet design.


MB&F HM5 “On The Road Again” Watch

MB&F has unveiled a new timepieces with a 1970s twist – the HM5 ‘On the Road’ – which takes inspiration from the details and bodywork of cars from the era.

MBandF luxury store Beijing China

MB&F opens first Chinese store in Beijing

Luxury watch brand MB&F has opened its first boutique in Beijing through a collaboration with local retail partners Ray Union and Europe Watch Co.

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