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Experience LG’s 4K UHD Projector of the Future

LG Focuses on the Brains Behind the Display

Once again, LG Electronics (LG), a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, has taken home entertainment to a whole new level by introducing the new generation 4K UHD home projectors with the HU80K series.

The new HU80K series is capable of producing ultra-sharp video, bringing home cinema experience to the living room in a portable size with beautiful design. Featuring LG’s innovative and integrated technology has allowed a vivid display of 4K picture quality.

And compact size means home users can enjoy the best of cinematic experience that looks great for any occasion. Whether it is placed on the floor or mounted on the wall or even hanging from the ceiling, thanks to LG’s 4K UHD projector, its upright design is made possible by the mirrorless I-shaped engine.

What’s more, the LG 4K UHD projector supports high-quality video content in more formats than ever before, allowing the streaming of content, as well as HDR content (HDR 10) for a jaw-dropping cinematic experience in the comfort of your own space. LG 4K UHD projector owners will have no shortage of content to watch, as the webOS 3.5 smart TV interface offers access to the most popular online streaming services in 4K content. And standard connectivity options include ports for USB, Ethernet and HDMI, as well as wireless support for external devices such as a keyboard and mouse.

On brightness, LG’s 4K UHD projector is able to create a 150-inch screen at an amazing 2,500 lumens. Also, two powerful and clear 7W speakers are integrated into the system to deliver a true cinematic audio experience without the need for external speakers or a soundbar.

“We are excited to bring value to consumers with our first 4K UHD projector, which delivers the highest resolution we’ve ever offered in a compact size.” – Chang Ik-hwan, head of LG’s IT business division.

With a convenient carrying handle and Auto Cord feature, owners may never want to mount the LG 4K UHD projector. And Chang further elaborates, “LG’s 4K UHD projector will lead the way in changing how consumers view 4K content in any room in the home, wherever there’s an audience.”


*4K UHD resolution with over 8 million discrete pixels by XPR (Expanded Pixel Resolution) video processing.


For more information, please visit www.lg.com/sg.


LG Watch Urbane Luxe

LG promotes new Watch Urbane Luxe

LG Watch Urbane Luxe

LG has come out with a limited edition 23-karat gold version of its Watch Urbane in partnership with US jewelry company REEDS Jewelers.

The Watch Urbane Luxe, LG’s newest Android Wear smartwatch, offers the same technical options as the original Urbane. The luxury watch, which will retail for $1,200, will offer a gold watch body, alligator leather strap and a lacquer casing.

The 500 premium watches will be ready to buy in October, initially in the US, by visiting www.REEDS.com.

LG Watch Urbane photo

LG Watch Urbane now on sale for $349

LG Watch Urbane photo

The LG Watch Urbane has landed in the Google Store, making it the first Android Wear device to enjoy Google’s major software update announced last week.

With a price-tag of $349, the LG Watch Urbane costs the same as the cheapest version of the Apple Watch Sport.

However, its stainless steel case and leather band makes it more of a rival to the stainless steel Apple Watch, which starts at $949.

The LG Watch Urbane, which was first announced at the last Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, comes in ether silver or gold.

The posh-looking watches will also be the first devices to give Google’s hand-drawn emoji feature a go.

LG Watch Urbane

LG unveils luxury, all-metal LG Watch Urbane

LG Watch Urbane

Considering that the Apple Watch will be hitting the shelves in April, the new LG Watch Urbane has been announced just in the nick of time.

Like Apple’s first entry into the wearable technology market, LG’s third smartwatch, the LG Watch Urbane, which will launch officially at the Mobile World Congress in March, is as much about premium materials and elegance as it is about connecting to a smartphone and running apps.

But as well as pre-empting Apple, LG is actually responding swiftly to the first emerging Android Wear smartwatch trend.


LG smartwatch Urbane

A Canalys report published on Wednesday highlighted that over the past 12 months, fewer than 1 million Android Wear watches had shipped.

The research and analysis firm did confirm that to date, the most popular watches have been the most expensive and stylish models, namely the Moto 360 and the LG G Watch R.

The new watch ups the elegance again thanks to a slimmer stainless steel body, which can be specified with a polished silver or a gold finish, and a traditional stitched leather strap.


LG Urbane

Like its last premium smartwatch, the LG G Watch R, the Urbane has a full circular display but is housed in a narrower bezel.

The idea is that it is sufficiently slimline not to get stuck behind the button or cufflink of a man’s dress shirt and not to standout for the wrong reasons when worn by a woman.

The smartwatch, the price of which will be announced later, can also monitor heart rate and average pulse and is water and dust resistant.

LG Swarovski OLED TV

LG’s New OLED TV Is Covered In Swarovski Crystals

LG Swarovski OLED TV

LG has partnered with Swarovski to create a one-off crystal-studded curved OLED TV, which is due to be unveiled at the IFA consumer technology show in Germany on September 5.

As well as incredible picture quality and a curved display that’s only 4mm thick, the television’s stand features 460 hand-applied luminescent Aurora Borealis crystals of three different sizes.

DON’T MISS: LG’S 105-INCH 4K TV COSTS $120,000

The resulting effect, according to LG, is “a subtle but elegant sparkling pattern that turns a cutting-edge television into a work of art.”

 is becoming the go-to company when manufacturers want to make their electronic devices that bit more desirable!

And, as well as this one-off television, a Swarovski crystal-encrusted strap for Samsung’s latest smartwatch will also be on display at this year’s IFA.

LG 105UC9

LG’s 105-Inch 4K TV Costs a Breathtaking $120,000

LG 105UC9

If you liked the look of Samsung’s living room-filling 105-inch curved screen HDTV set but were put off by its $120,000 asking price, there’s good news.

On Tuesday, LG launched its own equally curved, equally large and equally ultra-high definition TV, the LG 105UC9, and it will “only” cost $117,000.

Thanks to the sheer size of the screen it boasts 11 million pixels, so technically speaking it’s a 5K, not a 4K set (as it has five times the number of pixels found in a HD TV screen), something LG is very quick to point out.

It also comes with a specially designed sound system co-developed by premium audio brand Harman Kardon so the listening experience should be as immersive as the viewing — with an aspect ratio of 21:9.

LG Curved Ultra HDTV

“The vision behind LG’s 105-inch 21:9 Curved Ultra HD TV was to bring the movie theater into the living room,” said In-kyu Lee, senior vice president and head of the TV Division at LG’s Home Entertainment Company.

“Featuring a curved 5K CinemaScope screen and a 7.2 channel speaker system, the 105UC9 is LG’s most spectacular Ultra HD TV yet. This product pushes the envelope in home entertainment innovation and demonstrates what is possible when you bring today’s most advanced TV technologies together.”


However, not everything broadcast on television, available on cable or as a internet clip comes in the same aspect ratio as an effects-laden blockbuster.

So rather than stretch and distort the image in order to fill the screen, when something is in a more typical 16:9 aspect ratio, areas of the screen are left dark instead and can be used to display programming information or to access menus.

Like all televisions that market themselves as 4K UHD, the LG set can take SD and HD content, like a Blu-ray, and upscale it to UHD format.

Available to order now in South Korea for 120 million won, which works out at $117,000, LG says that it will be rolling out to other markets before the end of the year at which point it will announce international pricing.

LG G Flex

LG’s flexible smartphone is coming to Europe

LG G Flex

LG has announced that its G Flex handset will be coming to European shores in December once it has officially launched in its homeland on November 12.

The company says that Orange France will be the first network operator to start offering the phone — which curves from top to bottom and is therefore not to be confused with Samsung’s Galaxy Round, which curves from side to side — outside South Korea, and it will go on sale in time for Christmas.

So far, there’s no word on how much the device will cost early adopting Europeans but LG has confirmed that in Korea it will go on sale for 999,900 Won — that’s about €700.

Flexible display technology could prove revolutionary: if a screen can be bent in half or rolled into a cylinder, then companies will no longer be confined to building rigidly square or rectangular devices.

It would also mean that tablets could have massive 20-inch screens, but then neatly fold up to be easily carried in a handbag. That’s a vision of the future. In the present, because batteries, camera lenses, and processors are still distinctly rigid, all that’s possible are the curved handsets that LG and Samsung have just launched.

The LG G Flex uses the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor found in the Samsung Galaxy Note III and LG’s own less flexible G2 flagship — so it won’t be lacking for speed or multitasking performance. It also has a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera, and a less than full HD, 720p display.

However, what it loses in resolution, it makes up for in Terminator-esque self-healing properties. Thanks to a special coating on its case, surface scratches on its sides and rear should magically disappear.

Prada LG phone 3

PRADA phone by LG 3.0

Prada LG phone 3

LG and fashion label Prada are collaborating for the third time to release the first LG Prada smartphone, the Prada phone by LG 3.0.

The phone combines Prada’s style with LG’s innovative technology, including one of the biggest and brightest screens in the world with 4.3inch and 800-nit screen.

Menus and the user interface are also influenced by Prada with black, grey and white menu and icons.
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jil sander phone

Jil Sander Windows Phone by LG

jil sander phone

South Korean mobile phone maker LG Electronics is bringing German’s fashion design brand Jil Sander into their newest device, the LG E906.

Conceived by Jil Sander Corporate Design, the sleek and slim device carries the brand’s signature electric blue.

With its technical platform provided by LG Electronics, the phone runs the next version of Microsoft’s smartphone operating system, Windows Phone 7.5.
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Apple and Stones iPhone Designs by Peter Aloisson

Austrian designer and jeweler Peter Aloisson already has the crown of creating the world’s most expensive iPhone, the Kings Button, and this time he is back with lot more.

His latest concept and creation has been called “Phones and Stones” and “Apple and Stones”. These items are real luxury objects and are encrusted with Swarovski crystals.

The “Apple and Stones” collection includes the original iPhone, the iPhone 3G, the iPod nano 3rd gen and the iPod nano 4th gen.
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LG video phone watch

“You know that you’ve always wanted one. A watch to do all things, from being your telephone to being your own TV. Well LG has decided to make this myth a reality. It’s been tried before, but for once, this actually looks like something you could wear.”

The watch has a touchscreen for use with dialling, with an integrated speaker and camera allowing you to make video calls over a high speed internet connection.

You can also listen to MP3s on the LG watch phone plus it transforms text to speech and recognises voices. LG has confirmed the watch phone will be available in Europe next year. Via unplggd

TOP 10 – Futuristic Concept Laptop Designs

Compiled below is an edited list – originally made by Listphobia – of the most futuristic concept laptop designs, some of which have won achievement awards while the rest are just too cool to know about.

1. Canova Dual Screen Laptop

Canova Dual Screen Laptop possesses two screens, a multi sensitive touch screen and is very easy to use. Not only can it be used to handle your daily computing tasks but it also lets you read articles on your laptop in the old-school newspaper fashion.

2. Vaio Zoom

The Vaio Zoom notebook takes everything we know about holographic technology and squeezes it inside a thin glass form factor. When off, the screen is completely transparent and the keyboard goes opaque. Turn it on and the touchscreen holographic festivities begin. Even the mouse buttons are holographic!

3. DesCom

Sung-kyu Nam’s DesCom laptop integrates into the desktop surface. And what do you have to do once the laptop is dead or should be repaired?

4. MacTab

Being portable, MacTab is the complement to MyBook in the high-end. The thin wireless keyboard is used as a protection cover for transportation. On the back of the computer a hinge allows it to be put in a vertical position so you can use it on your desk.

5. LG Ecological Laptop Concept

LG introduced e-Book, an ecological laptop concept that uses fuel cell batteries and features organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display technology. This concept notebook received a Red Dot Award nomination for “Best Concept Design”.

6. Compenion Laptop Concept

Felix Schmidberger’s Compenion laptop has a OLED touch screen. The computer itself has an OLED touchscreen, where you can directly work on, much like with a umpc or pda.

The whole screen is a slider, as it can be moved forward to reveal a second OLED touchscreen underneath, where you can have a keyboard or working controls, similar to a setup with 2 monitors.

7. Samsung Amoled Concept

AMOLED concept notebook by Samsung features a unique design which is thin and sleek and a touch-sensitive keyboard which lacks tactile feedback.

8. Satellite Navigation Laptop

Satellite Navigation Laptop is Nikita Golovlev’s concept for travelers. Using an e-ink display, the ‘Traveller’ is a GPS enabled navigation system for pedestrians. The design incorporates an internal drive for storing any photos you take along the way and will tag the with GPS data, so you know just where you took them.

9. Canvas Laptop Concept

Canvas is a futuristic concept laptop that is supposed to provide a better quality for the designer and also its said that it will raise the productive rate of the artist. It will feature a very thin touchscreen and the other components will look just about the same but they will be better adjusted.

10. Macbook 0801

MacBook 0801 is a laptop concept by Isamu Sanada. The keyboard is transparent and ultra-thin.

and a #11 ^_^

11. Music Stand Laptop

Music Stand Laptop
Use the pedal to turn digital sheet music or just touch the screen. It also throws in some computer functions by allowing on the fly scoring, note taking, and collaborative writing. When you need a real computer, a keyboard slides out from underneath the screen and use the foot pedal as a stereo to enjoy the music you just played. Designed by Sungho Lee.

Luxury Phone : LG Prada II

LG have released the second iteration of their Prada phone named the Prada II. The Prada II phone is based on the first Prada phone but features numerous improvements.

It boasts of 7.2Mbps HSDPA 850 / 2100, WiFi, TV-out, FM radio, and a 5-megapixel camera. The side-slider also hosts a full QWERTY keyboard.

LG Prada II also has an FM radio and TV output, together with a full HTML browser. It uses a capacitive touchscreen, similar to that of the iPhone, but without multitouch functionality.
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Swarovski Coated LG Fridges

Lately, LG has launched this Swarovski crystals encrusted fridge into the market in a limited run of 200 units, released in the Taiwan market only.

LG have brought home with its R-U719GWN three door fridge.

It looks like an ordinary fridge with its usual high tech features such as an ice-maker and LCD panel, but fridge’s handle and logo are diamond studded with 4900 Swarovski crystals.
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