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An interview with Bhavik Mehta, Founder of Family-Run Infiniti Jewels

Bhavik Mehta, Founder of Family-Run Infiniti Jewels

From the vaults of royalty to the elegant visages of society’s rich and famous, there’s no denying the enduring appeal of diamonds. As the market for bespoke fine jewellery grows, these covetable rocks are the epitome of exquisite beauty and investment value.

An interview with Bhavik Mehta, Founder of Family-Run Infiniti Jewels

PALACE: Tell us a little bit about yourself, how did you grow your passion for the industry and what was the impetus behind Infiniti Jewels?

BHAVIK MEHTA: When I was a young man, I used to follow my brother to his diamond manufacturing factory to see how he was working. My passion came instantly through seeing the process of raw diamonds being cut and polished—from a diamond in the rough to a gorgeous sparkling beauty.

Our inspiration for Infiniti Jewels was to create a brand that produces high-quality jewellery with high-quality diamonds. We also wanted to offer a very bespoke experience for our clients – from diamond-selection education to the formation of inspiring designs.

What sets your brand apart from other jewellers in the local industry?

Our brand is very unique in that we have a very strong focus on a personalised experience for our clients. What I mean by that is how each customer experiences something different—from choosing the right stone together with our experts to selecting the right design in collaboration with our knowledgeable jewellery designers.


What kind of diamonds and precious stones do you work with and where do
you source them from?

Infiniti Jewels specialises in coloured diamonds— something that is very rare and not easily accessible—such as pink, green, yellow, and orange. We also have a variety of unique designs rendered in white diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. These gems are sourced from a variety of different places and countries, depending on where we get the best quality and price. The majority of where we get our gems would be Belgium, Israel, and India.

The demand for bespoke luxury products is growing with more consumers today wanting something unique to exclusively call their own. From your experience, what is the most often-requested jewellery design from your clients?

When it comes to bespoke jewellery, everyone has different taste and most who want to make a bespoke piece usually go for a unique one-of-a-kind design so there is no most-often-requested design. But what is common is that most people usually request for
a bespoke ring or earrings.

What are your thoughts on the current fine jewellery market? What future trends do you see emerging?

The current trend for fine jewellery is the preference for designs that involve more than one colour of diamond—so any combination of yellow, pink, white, green, and so on. Every customer has a different opinion of what is most valued, but what is increasing in price more than anything else is coloured diamonds, possibly due to the increase in demand and shortage of supply. I see this as a future trend as well, as more people are becoming aware of coloured diamonds and designs that involve these beautiful colours.

Take us through the process of customising a unique piece of jewellery with Infiniti. What can clients expect from such a collaboration?

When new customers visit us for the first time, we first educate them on diamonds by taking them through a sample certificate. We help them understand all the different variables that are important and that they should look out for. This will help them understand what kind of diamond would be best suited for them in terms of look and budget. For example, one of the most important aspects of a diamond to look out for is the cut.

One should always look for a stone with excellent cutting as that is what will really bring out the sparkle in a diamond. After that, we consult with them regarding the occasion they would like to create the piece for (if there is one). This helps our designers better understand what kind of aesthetic would fit the client’s requirements.

Next, we show the client some loose diamonds, and after the selection of the centre stone, our designers then get to work to come up with unique design options for the client, a process which can take a week. Base on this, you can see how this is a completely personalised experience.

Your thoughts on fine jewellery and/or diamonds as forms of investment?

Diamonds are certainly a robust form of investment, especially solitaires, which give a good and safe return in the long run. What gives a better investment (in my opinion) is coloured diamonds, as those are more rare and harder to source for.

What would you say has been your favourite / most memorable project to date and could you perhaps share with us a little more about it?

My most memorable project is when we were in the process of developing our brand for the Malaysian market. We participated in some jewellery shows, and I remember how our very first show went terrible for us. We made no sales and this was perhaps because we were a new brand that not many locals knew of.

I had told my two sons not to be disappointed and to keep trying, and I pushed them to participate in more shows with the confidence that we will do well. Today, our persistence have paid off for not only have we expanded our booths at trade shows, we also make it a point to travel to Malaysia every two weeks to meet with our clients and partners.

What would be your dream design project if you haven’t already achieved it?

My dream design project would be to create a masterpiece that can be worn in more than five ways. This would give the client a variety of different ways to wear one piece, making it look unique and value for money.

Is there anything in the pipeline for Infiniti Jewels that you would like our readers to know about?

All I can say is that there are exciting times ahead for our brand, which is currently collaborating with some of our exclusive partners in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Dubai for upcoming events that promise to be memorable for all. Besides also carrying an exclusive line of  diamond jewellery in our store, we are currently in the works of creating some unique coloured diamond pieces so do stay tuned for more to come!


Words by Olivia Lock

This story is republished from Issue 20 of Palace.

Beauty Revisited: The House of Leonori

Beauty Revisited: The House of Leonori

Hailed from Parma, it has always been Leonori’s dream of creating the world’s most beautiful jewels. His dream manifested into reality 55 years ago and he never looked back ever since.

For three generations, the Italian design house of Leonari has achieved progressive fame for its rich artistic heritage and technical mastery in each and every one of its jewellery creation. When Cesare Leonori took seat as a CEO of Leonori, he began his work of passion and went on to create bespoke jewellery that would find a way to win the lady’s heart.

From start to finish, each jewellery piece from The house of Leonori honours traditional craftsmanship by harnessing the technical skills typical of those used by Italian craftsmen in the past.

“The love for jewellery and art, the creativity and the manual skill are part of my genetics. My father passed down it to me and I have also passed down the passion for this craft to my daughters.” – Cesare Leonori, CEO of Leonori

Gemstones of Desires

The design features of Leonori are easy to detect: bold yet unique, an unabashed passion for colours and the rarest precious gems such as emeralds, sapphires and rubies gems at the heart of each jewellery piece. These are the defining facets founder Agostino Leonori passed down to the next generation of goldsmiths, designers, and gemologists who share his passion and appreciation for the craft.

After sourcing the rarest gems from all corners of the earth, the jewellery creation begins with a sketch (schizzo), followed by a detailed drawing (disegno) that depicts the stones’ measurements. Next, the master craftsman will use manual labour skills playing to the creativity of the jeweller. The next stage involves creating the structure in precious metal (creazione). In the final stage, the setter positions the precious stones with detailed precision before the jewel is polished and rhodium-plated to enhance all its brilliance. The end result is an unmistakably unique masterpiece to be passed down from one generation to the next.

At the recent Singapore International Jewelry Expo, Leonori presented a range of iconic jewellery collection and it was well-received at the show. Following, it participated in the exciting showcase of the luxury lifestyle event, Singapore Rendezvous 2017, designed to match the choices of the biggest names available for yachts, super cars, property, and other luxury lifestyle items. For three days, from Oct 5-8 2017, Singapore Rendezvous 2017 showcased a range of dazzling jewellery collections from Leonari, from magnificent rings to statement statement rings and necklaces that’ll appeal to fine jewellery lovers of all ages.

Bulgari Icons and Eternity of Rome in Jumeirah, Dubai

Bulgari Icons and Eternity of Rome in Jumeirah, Dubai

Located in the popular central area of Jumeira, the district is a highly sought-after destination especially for tourists. Just a few miles away from many of the city’s attractions, guests from the newly opened Bulgari Resort & Hotel can travel out and wind their ways through the avenue and experience the city’s flavours, culture and diverse hotspots, such as the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood along Dub towards northai Creek, Downtown, Dubai Marina as well as Jumeirah Beach Residence.

With the opening of The Bulgari Resort & Hotel, it takes on a new benchmark for Dubai; every design detail of the strikingly facade of the building is diligently crafted to a pure Italian style, in partnership with renowned Italian architect firm, Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel. While, inside the interior, each room is furnished with outstanding luxury Italian furniture brands, and each piece was either designed or chosen by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel, and often tailor-made for the property.

Drawing attention to the facade, the architect considered a beautiful style surrounding the idea of a fine jewel, which is synonymous to the Roman luxury brand, Bulgari. Having styled with rare, raw materials according to their colour, texture and feel, sculpting them to shine, beautify and endure, the Bulgari Resort in Dubai embraced what is calls “a peerless example of luxury hospital.”

“From travertine marble to shining onyx, The Bulgari Resort Dubai relied on the extensive use of fine materials and finishes to establish the durability and timelessness incarnated by its home country.” – Issued in a statement by Bulgari Resort & Hotel Dubai

Jumeira’s very own Italian interpretation of luxury

As outlined by the “layers superior quality materials” with tasteful Bulgari touches, the exterior structure carries an “incarnating bold contrasts, clean, regal lines, and the ubiquity of spaciousness, the property maintains an impeccable elegance, creating a continuity that permeates the property’s every detail.”

At The Bulgari Resort Dubai, service is key and providing a supreme hotel guest experience is paramount. Both creation and comfort are of utmost importance too. To echo the same unequivocal luxury as the iconic jewellery brand, Bvlgari, the Bulgari resort “replicates the eternity of its homeland by investing in premium materials.”

Designed to coral texture characterised by the two main buildings of the hotel

Created on the overlay of the horizontal lining, “the lively shadow pattern of coral-like sunscreens, shiny and light like porcelain” provides an eye-catching centrepiece, though different from the white marble richly veined with back and gold arabesques of the walls you will soon come across at the hotel podium.

“A fine oak wood surface, with long and thin planks, recalls the deck of a ship and clad the interior surfaces”, according to the source. “The transparency of the facade, with its almost invisible large sliding doors, completes the perfect readability of this building.”

Stepping in to the resort, guests will be greeted by a truly exceptional setting bathed by the warm, polished woods and exceptional hand-selected marble, and superior textiles.

Officially opened on December 7, the Bulgari Resort & Hotel is set to attract travellers and tourists to enjoy and experience the resort’s shining, pastel grandeur.

Mouawad x Victoria’s Secrets Fantasy Bra 2017 with Lais Ribeiro

The Dream Angels Fantasy Bras 2014 consumed 1,380 hours of artisanship to be thoroughly handset with a gleaming array of diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and multi-colored gemstones, strung together with 18-karat gold. The blue bra and matching body chain, weighing 6,634 carat in total. As for the red set, a total stone weight of 2,688 carat.

Since 2001, Mouawad has been crafting very precious designs and bringing forth the magnificent jewellery to bedazzle well-known artistes and iconic celebrities who are bold enough to take on female’s daring excellence and beauty in today’s world.

This year, Mouawad has forged yet another unyielding partnership with renowned American lingerie retailer Victoria’s Secret in celebration of Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra this year. Brazilian model and Victoria’s Secret Angel, Lais Ribeiro was chosen to front the VS Angels on the runway, donned in 6,000 precious stones from Mouawad’s Masterpieces Collection.

A-list celebrities including Celine Dion, Elizabeth Taylor, Kim Kardashian, Heidi Klum, Ashley Olsen, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Gisele Bündchen just to name a few, have also fronted the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra fashion shows.

Brazilian model and Victoria’s Secret Angel, Lais Ribeiro fronted the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra on the runway | Screenshot from @laisribeiro / INSTAGRAM

Mouwad x Victoria’s Secrets Fantasy Bra 2017 with Lais Ribeiro

The 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra (pictured above) is made of 18K gold handset in addition to the blue topaz and yellow sapphires, finished with diamonds. With a total stone weight of over 600 carats, the VS Fantasy Bra embodies an intricate floral design that consumed 350 hours to complete. Mouawad’s masterpiece collaboration celebrates Daring Excellence and Beauty, speaks testament of the brand’s thriving success into the fashion industry since its first participation in the fashion show, which has been translated over the years into a triumphant statement of award-winning ornamented creations.

As worn on the model, the VS Fantasy Bra incorporates a teardrop-shaped sapphire to pair with a matching belt. Inspired by the lingerie brand’s new Demi bra, this timeless 2017 Champagne Nights Bra with breathtaking ornaments is worth $2 million. Where else, last year’s Victoria Secret Fantasy Bra was modelled by American model and VS Angel, Jasmine Tookes, who wore the $3 million fantasy bra crafted with diamond and emerald.

VS Angel, Lais said she has been modelling for Victoria Secret since 2010 but this was her “first time wearing the Fantasy Bra” and she was really honoured to be chosen to wear the $2 million Champagne Nights Bra.

Brazilian model and Victoria’s Secret Angel, Lais Ribeiro fronted the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra on the runway | Screenshot from @laisribeiro / INSTAGRAM

Piaget High Jewellery collection 2017: “Sunlight Journey” reflects the Mediterranean sun

Perhaps nothing can ever come close to the inspiring beauty of nature, but that hasn’t stopped Piaget from painstakingly trying to recreate it. The Swiss jeweller has crafted some of its most beautiful collections with Mother Nature as its muse, from its Rose Passion collection filled with diamond replicas of the romantic flower to its range of collections inspired by the very essence of life — the Sun.

“Sunlight Journey” is Piaget’s fourth high jewellery collection dedicated to the largest burning star and follows “Mediterranean Garden“, “Secrets & Lights“ and “Sunny Side of Life“. This time, the Maison has set its eye on the moods and atmospheres cast by the Sun upon the scenic landscapes of Italy’s Amalfi Coast. The result is a breathtaking range of necklaces, bracelets, rings and cuffs that are punctuated, like the day, by three main themes: Secrets of Dawn, Midday Festival and Nightfall Celebration.

Mirroring the shades of pink, beige and grey that are seen at dawn as the Mediterranean sky and sea blur into each other, white opals and Paraiba tourmalines form images of memorable scenes on watch dials. Set with 78 brilliant-cut diamonds, the “Infinite Waves” watch features a special mother of pearl and parchment marquetry dial that depicts a calming view of the Mediterranean sea.

At its peak, the Sun bathes the shores and waters of Amalfi Coast in its golden light. The iridescent shades of the sea at this hour are reflected on the unique “Verde Bisazza” watch, which is composed of an asymmetrical mosaic of emeralds, diamonds and green tourmalines. Like waves lapping against the shore, rows of emerald-cut blue Ceylon sapphires, black opals and diamonds give the “Azzurro Bisazza” necklace a captivating quality that shifts with the tide.

As the sun begins to set, the sky becomes a glorious display of orange, pink and gold streaks, which is captured on the “Viva l’Arte” cuff watch, adorned with purplish pink spinels, red spinels, pinks sapphires and spessartite garnets. Within the artistically crafted feather marquetry of purple sapphires, red spinels and diamonds on the “Viva l’Arte” ring lies a promise of a new day: a brilliant diamond flower in full bloom.

While its excellence may never be on par with the effortlessness of nature, the “Sunlight Journey” collection exudes a level of beauty that only the master craftsmanship of Piaget could achieve — and it’s one that we’d gladly settle for.

“Chaumet est une fete” High Jewellery collection 2017: Bewitching tribute to Opera

On July 2, the colourful fairgrounds of Paris’s Musée des Arts Forains were transformed into a magical backdrop of beautiful lights for the reveal of Chaumet’s new High Jewellery collection — Chaumet est une fête. A sparkling affair of dazzling diamonds and musical wonder, the night was graced by a star-studded guest list, which included actresses Clémence Poésy and Bérénice Béjo, singer Lou Lesage and model Jeanne Damas.

The “Chaumet est une fetê” collection is a treasure trove of 41 customised accessories — such as necklaces, brooches, rings and earrings — that celebrate the Parisian art of living. Embellished with gorgeous gems like rubies, emeralds and pearls, each accessory showcases the exquisite craftsmanship that has long been the French Maison’s signature. As an ode to the inspiring rhythm of life’s special but ephemeral moments, “Chaumet est une fête” siphons the wonder and beauty of emblematic musical landmarks around the world into four unique themes.

Model wearing Aria passionata.

At the heart of the Aria passionata line is the burning passion of the greatest opera arias that Milan’s La Scala has ever beheld. Mimicking the rich scarlet interiors of the 18th-century Italian theatre, spell-binding gold accessories are adorned with rare pigeon blood rubies, garnets and tourmaline — a perfect expression of the opera’s powerful emotions.

Model wearing Pastorale anglaise.

Pastarole anglaise draws inspiration from the English opera house Glyndebourne, home to the annual Glyndebourne Festival since 1934. The country house’s surrounding lush greenery is reimagined with a breath-taking selection of Muzo emeralds, while sapphires, rubies, and diamonds are carefully assembled to recreate the tartan motif on a bowknot for a quintessentially British touch.

Model wearing Valses d’hiver.

Designed to the airy tunes of Strauss’s waltzes, Valses d’hiver embodies the elegance displayed by the dancers of the Vienna Opera. Atop swirls of white gold that evoke their graceful movements, Chaumet’s master jewellers have delicately set glittering pearls and diamonds. The resulting collection is as captivating as the romantic Viennese ballets and classical performances.

Model wearing Rhapsodie transatlantique.

For Rhapsodie transantlantique, the Maison looked to the Metropolitan Opera of New York. Echoing the iconic city’s idiosyncrasies, the line is uniquely composed with an intriguing colour palette: Umba garnets, pink tourmaline, violet sapphires, topazes and diamonds. With Chaumet’s touch, the unconventional elements of the Metropolitan Opera are presented with sophistication and elegance.

The “Chaumet est une fête” collection is a beautiful homage to the powerful spell of music, as well as a fine testament to Chaumet’s unparalleled craftsmanship and artistry in the world of jewellery. For more information on the collection, visit Chaumet.

Miranda Kerr Surrenders $8 m worth of Jho Low’s diamonds linked to Malaysian 1MDB laundering case

Miranda Kerr currently has her own collection of jewellery with Swarovski.

Miranda Kerr currently has her own collection of jewellery with Swarovski.

According to the Wall Street Journal and Reuters, Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr has just surrendered $US8.1 million worth of jewellery from her Los Angeles deposit box to government agents of the US Department of Justice. The US$8 million haul is said to have been the sum total of gifts in jewellery when Miranda Kerr dated Malaysian financier Jho Low in 2014 following her separation and divorce from Orlando Bloom.  The US Department of Justice is investigating money laundering linked the Malaysian 1MDB investment fund and when they uncovered a trail linking Jho Low’s many acquisitions to 1MDB.

US prosecutors are certain that while they were dating, Jho Low gifted Kerr with jewellery, including a $3.8m (£3m) 8.88 carat diamond pendant from New York-based designer Lorraine Schwartz and an ultra expensive 11.72 carat diamond pendant.

Kerr dated scandal ridden Malaysian businessman Jho Low for a year in 2014 where he gifted Kerr with lavish gifts.

Kerr dated scandal ridden Malaysian businessman Jho Low for a year in 2014 where he gifted Kerr with lavish gifts.

Miranda Kerr Surrenders $8 m worth of Jho Low’s diamonds linked to Malaysian 1MDB laundering case

“Miranda Kerr co-operated fully and pledged to turn over the gifts of jewellery to the government. Ms Kerr will continue to assist with the inquiry in any way she can.”- Miranda Kerr’s spokesman to WSJ.

Miranda Kerr is herself not under US Department of Justice investigation but was unfortunately linked to the scandal surrounding Malaysian businessman Jho Low who dated the supermodel for a year in 2014.

The rotund Low spent millions of the money on custom jewellery, wooing Kerr. The many gifts included designer Lorraine Schwartz engraved necklaces and bracelets bearing Kerr’s initials, among them, a major 11.72 carat heart shaped diamond pendent for Valentine’s Day and an 8.88-carat diamond pendant worth $3.8 million.

The insecure Low followed up with another US$1.9 million matching diamond jewellery set, presented on the recently seized Equanimity yacht, during an outing on the seas.

According to US Justice Department, more than US$4.25 have been stolen from the Malaysian 1MDB fund including assets acquired using 1MDB monies like a Picasso gifted to Leonardo DiCaprio. 1MDB funds are also believed to have been used by the son of Malaysian Official 1, Riza Aziz to finance major Hollywood films like The Wolf of Wall Street. Malaysian Official 1 refers to Najib Razak of whom Riza Aziz is his stepson by marriage.

Like Kerr, DiCaprio is also not accused of any crime and he has begun to transfer ownership of US3.2 million worth of artwork to the authorities. The US government is still seeking more than $1 billon of assets acquired with money moved from the Malaysian 1MDB including nearly US$30 million worth of jewellery belong to Najib’s wife, Rosmah.

Apollo and Artemis diamond earrings fetch record-breaking $57.4 million at Sotheby’s auction

We previously wrote that this pair of earrings were likely to be the most valuable earrings to appear in auction—and we were right. Two spectacular diamonds— the Apollo Blue and Artemis Pink—mounted as earrings fetched a record $57.4-million (51.8 million euros) at auction on May 16 in Geneva, with an unnamed Asia-based buyer netting both, Sotheby’s said.

After protracted bidding, the flawless and vivid Type IIb diamond “The Apollo Blue” fetched $42.087-million. The equally intensely luminescent “The Artemis Pink” went for $15.33-million, buyers premium included. The earrings were sold as separate lots.

The earrings, named after the twin Greek gods, had respectively been valued at between $38-million and $50-million and $12.5-million and $18-million.The 14.54-carat “Apollo Blue” is the largest gemstone in its category ever to be auctioned and has been cut and polished to a pear shape.

The 16-carat “Artemis Pink” is near identical in shape. It is also one of the world’s most “chemically pure” diamonds, according to the Gemological Institute of America, which experts say gives the stone such a high degree of transparency.

Jewellery auctions in Geneva: Christie’s sells heart-shaped diamond $15 million

The largest flawless heart-shaped diamond has sold for nearly $15 million in Geneva on May 17, breaking a world record in its category, auction house Christie’s said.The 92-carat diamond forms the centrepiece of a necklace of cultured pearls.

The sale price of around $14.99 million (around 13.45 million euros) is a world record for heart shaped diamonds, Christie’s spokeswoman Alexandra Kindermann told AFP.

The piece was designed by Boehmer et Bassenge who have taken over the name of one of the greatest French jewellers of the 18th century. It is now run by an Antwerp-based diamond merchant.

The previous record for a heart-shaped diamond was set in 2011 when a 56.15-carat rock sold for $10.9 million.

Chaumet’s Joséphine Aigrette Impériale tiara stars in the bridal collection 2017

Since the 18th century, Chaumet has been a beacon of elegance in the world of fine jewellery. Inspired by the well-documented love story of Napoleon and Joséphine, the brand’s founder Nitot took it upon himself to honour the timelessness of their passion in his designs. As a veteran in the jewelry industry, the brand has tirelessly celebrated its clients’ most cherished moments through the years. With stunning sets of wedding bands, rings and a tiara, Chaumet once again recites the story of love in their new bridal collection.

Consisting of pieces from several previous collections such as Bee My Love, Les Éternelles de Chaumet and the classic Joséphine, Chaumet sticks to classic diamonds — the symbol of everlastingness. Choosing only the purest white gems will do for their collection and Chaumet diamonds sparkle with the vitality that comes with the notion of marriage.

Stackable wedding bands have been added to each of the collections involved, highlighting the continuity of marriage. The classic Joséphine is presented in a new V-shape of the aigrette, a symbol of everlasting love. As an homage to Marie Antoinette’s love for ribbons and bowknots, the interlacing Liens rings express the unbreakable ties between two souls. Bracelets, necklaces and pendants line the aisle of the collection, awaiting the beautiful union between two people.

Joséphine ‘Aigrette Impériale’ tiara

Yet, the tiara is undoubtedly the star of the show. Chaumet is no stranger to crafting an intricate headpiece, having made over 2,000 of them for aristocrats and monarchies alike since 1780. A symbol of status and power, Empress Joséphine brought this adornment, inspired by the period of Antiquity, back in style on the occasion of her coronation. The 2017 edition features the Joséphine ‘Aigrette Impériale’ tiara in platinum and white gold set with brilliant-cut diamonds. A striking pear-shaped sapphire rests in the center along with a princess cut diamond, making it a headpiece fit for a modern day queen. The tiara comes in six different variations, each cradling a different coloured gem.

With an unfailing dedication to creativity, Chaumet proves again that its love for jewellery is indeed everlasting. For more information about this bridal collection, do visit Chaumet.

Karl Lagerfeld for Swarovski: The Kaiser collaborates with crystal brand for a fashion-forward collection in 2017

Earlier this year, legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld revealed plans to collaborate with jeweller Swarovski. This collaboration between the fashion and jewellery world is finally at our doorsteps, with Karl Lagerfeld recently sharing the first images of his work. The designer will collaborate with Swarovski to create two collections of jewellery per year, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.

The collection is divided into three groups: Ikonic, with a rock-chic aesthetic influenced by musical styles; Klassic Karl, inspired by Lagerfeld’s famous cat Choupette will see signature designs; and Essentials, made up of classic key pieces such as crystallised chains and necklaces that are iconic to both brands.

This collaborative collection will feature Items such as personalised charms, ear jackets, pearls, chains and studs encrusted with Swarovski crystals, finished with gold plating, rose gold plating and rhodium plating.

The collection will be launched later in the year in September at Karl Lagerfeld stores and website, Swarovski Crystal World locations and selected retailers. The collection will be launched across the world in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the US, with retail prices ranging from €50 to €250.

Luxury jewellery collection: Atelier Swarovski to unveil sparkling jewelry collection at the Oscars 2017


Marking the 10th year that the brand has since been decorating the stage for the Academy Awards, Atelier Swarovski brings a sparkling surprise. Handcrafted in Paris, a fine jewelry collection featuring diamonds and crystals reflecting the group’s “craftsmanship, innovation and commitment to responsible practices,” will be unveiled this week at the 89th Academy Awards. Part of the “Red Carpet Green Dress” initiative, the pieces will then go on show at further red carpet events around the world, before a commercial version launches in 2018.

The Atelier Swarovski Fine Jewelry Collection will feature cocktail rings, earrings, a necklace and other accessories; with contemporary art deco style details a running theme throughout the series.

The launch isn’t the only project the brand is focusing on for the awards ceremony — 2017 marks a decade long commitment Swarovski has had illuminating the Oscars stage. The company has provided over a million Swarovski crystals for the stage since 2007, and will outdo itself for this anniversary year, offering over 300,000 crystals for the event.

Swarovski is famous for its fashion collaborations, but the brand has a strong history with the cinematic industry too, having provided jewelry for some of film’s most iconic characters, from Judy Garland in “The Wizard of Oz” to Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

The 89th Academy Awards will take place on February 26 in Hollywood.

Bulgari’s New Digital Ambassador: Jasmine Sanders

Jasmine Sanders for Bulgari by Michael Avedon

Bulgari appoints the Instagram star of diverse heritage as their new face for the digital scene (Photographs courtesy of Bulgari)

Bulgari understands what this age is about: diversity and interconnectedness. Just look at their new Digital Ambassador: Instagram star and eminent model Jasmine Sanders (@golden_barbie) of diverse heritage, with 2.1 million followers on the social media platform.

Jasmine Sanders for Bulgari by Michael Avedon

Jasmine’s affinity with Bulgari lies in her favour towards Italian design. “Bulgari is more than a brand. It represents pure Italian luxury that’s larger than life”, Jasmine says. As a fresh face for Bulgari; her connectedness on social media speaks of Bulgari’s desire to be more than just a luxury brand, but to also participate in and respond to the interconnectedness of modern life.

Jasmine Sanders for Bulgari by Michael Avedon

Michael Avedon’s shoot of Jasmine in the Big Apple as she dons the new line of Bulgari jewellery is not the typical high fashion shoot; it marries elegance with approachability. Jasmine’s charm shines through and her look complements the vibrancy of New York City while lending the city a personal charm.

Tanaka Goes for Gold on Japan’s Children’s Day

Jewelry store Tanaka, located in Ginza, is celebrating Children’s Day in style this year with a sale of samurai helmets ornamented in gold and silver, worth tens of thousands of dollars each. The festival occurs May 5, and the sale went on ahead of time last week.

Children’s Day was originally a celebration exclusively for boys and fathers, and was called Boy’s Day in the past. This was in contrast to another festival called Girls’ Day, that occurs March 3. During this period of celebration (for Children’s Day), displaying items signifying vitality and strength is common, including carp-shaped flags and traditional samurai helmets. For Girls’ Day, also called Doll’s Day, ornately crafted dolls are displayed instead.

The Tanaka Kikinzoku Group, in charge of the Tanaka store, have celebrated the festival with such glitz before. In 2013 they designed gold samurai helmets with Disney Mickey Mouse logos. This year’s collection has designs modeled off helmets actually worn by famous warriors in the past (one example being the legendary shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu). They often had original helmet designs for self-identification, with traits like deer antlers or crescent moons.

According to the store, each helmet is made with up to 430 grams (15 ounces) of gold, worth as much as six million yen ($53,700), and are suited as an investment asset besides being beautifully crafted objects.

This story was written in-house, referencing wire stories. The image is courtesy of the AFP.

Blue Moon Diamond

$55 million Blue Moon diamond headed to auction

Blue Moon Diamond

A blue diamond weighing 12.03 carats could sell for a record $55 million when it goes up for auction in November, Sotheby’s said Thursday.

The Blue Moon diamond, discovered in South Africa in January last year, will be exhibited in Hong Kong, London and New York before its likely purchase at auction in Geneva on November 11.

“The Blue Moon diamond is a simply sensational stone of perfect colour and purity,” David Bennett, who heads Sotheby’s international jewellery division, said in a statement.

He added that the immense hype which followed the stone’s discovery “has now been proven to have been totally justified.”

The Gemological Institute of America previously declared the Blue Moon to be “internally flawless”.

Categorised as a fancy vivid blue diamond, the Blue Moon is the largest cushion-shaped stone in that category to ever appear at auction.

Sotheby’s put its estimated sale price between $35-$55 million which, at the higher end, would mark a record for any diamond sale.

In November 2010, a 24.78 carats pink diamond — known as the Graff Pink — sold in Geneva for just over $46 million.

The record sale for a blue diamond so far came in November last year, when a 9.75 carats fetched $32.6 million at an auction in New York.

Blue Moon blue Diamond

malaikaraiss star wars

Malaika Raiss Launches Star Wars Jewelry Collection

malaikaraiss star wars

The Berlin-based womenswear designer has been given permission to produce a “Star Wars” themed collection for her label, Malaikaraiss.

Lucasfilm ltd, owned by Disney, has agreed to give Raiss a license to produce a special line of jewelry that will launch with the release of the movie “Star Wars: the Force Awakens.” Part fashion jewelry, part fine jewelry, the collection will feature characters and familiar images from the film. Prices will range from under 100 dollars to nearly 700, with pieces made from 18-karat gold, rose gold and occasional diamonds.

So far, two pieces have been revealed on the brand’s Facebook page: Imperial Shuttle earrings and a Darth Vader pendant. The launch is planned for October, with the collection in stores for Christmas.

Secrets and Lights

Secrets & Lights – A Mythical Journey by Piaget

Secrets and Lights

The Swiss jewelry brand has presented a new collection of jewels and watches called Secrets & Lights – A Mythical Journey by .

The house’s artisans found inspiration for the ornamental pieces from sites along the Silk Road, deeply influenced by the rich colors and history of Venice and Samarkand.

Both of these emblematic cities were chosen by Piaget for their “cultural wealth” as well as their “fascinating way of life”.

The Silk Road allowed Piaget’s craftsmen and artists to draw from “a remarkable territory of expression”. The collection is comprised of 93 elaborate jewelry pieces and 38 watchmaking creations.

An ode to Venice and Samarkand

The bright and dazzling collection of “The Secrets of Venice” was brought to life by feather masters, enamellers and engravers.

Patterns and shades inspired by the Orient define “The Lights of Samarkand” collection that accentuates the rarest of gems.

“The Secrets of Venice” line pays tribute to the Clock Tower, the Bridge of Sighs and the lion in an assortment of cuffs, rings, earrings and necklaces. White gold, feathers, emeralds, enamel, red spinel gemstones, diamonds, pink gold and rubies adorn the pieces of the series.

Cascading or asymmetrical neck pieces take center stage in “The Lights of Samarkand” collection. Rings, bracelets and drop earrings are decorated with turquoise pearls, Colombian emeralds, sapphires from Sri Lanka, Mozambique rubies and diamonds.

Discover all 131 striking pieces of the new collection in Piaget boutiques. Prices upon request.

Dior launches Rose des Vents fine jewellery [VIDEO]

Dior has created four short videos to mark the launch of its new Rose des Vents jewelry line.

The whimsical animations are based on the drawings of the contemporary French jewelry designer Victoire De Castellane in which she imagines encounters with the house’s founder, Christian Dior.

The eight-point Rose des Vents medallion is showcased in each film and each cardinal point represents one of the stones used in the collection.

In one movie, de Castellane spins the Rose des Vents to find herself in the next frame with Dior in the midst of prepping for a party at the Dior headquarters on Paris’s Avenue Montaigne. The music turns on and lapis lazuli medallions flit around the room like a disco ball.

The Rose des Vents line will go on sale on May 11 in France, May 18 in Europe and June 3 in the rest of the world.

The line features four bracelets, four necklaces and one long necklace, priced from 1,350 euros to 8,000 euros.

Buccellati Madison Avenue

Buccellati unveils jewels inspired by Monet and Bonnard

Buccellati Madison Avenue

Jewelry house Buccellati is unveiling a series of unique pieces inspired by the artistic masterpieces of Claude Monet, Pierre Bonnard, Winslow Homer, Mikhail Larionov and Odilon Redon.

Buccellat Madison Avenue flagship store

“The Art collection” reimagines five of the best-known paintings in the world in jewelry form. The collection will be exhibited at the brand’s new flagship space in New York, which opened its doors on March 12.

Buccellati ring inspired by Mikhail Larionov

The Milanese house, which was founded in 1919, combines the aesthetics of Italian Renaissance design and modern design approaches at the core of its work. Wanting to create a collection relating to the most famous masters of the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist movements, the company’s first female designer, Lucrezia Buccellati, designed the new pieces alongside her tenured father Andrea over a period of eight months.

Buccellati bracelet

The family business’s new five-storey flagship townhouse boutique on Madison Avenue will contain a high jewelry lounge and a private Family Vault of vintage offerings.

Buccellati Earrings inspired by Claude Monet

Chanel Coco Crush collection

Coco Crush by Chanel

The French luxury brand has introduced Coco Crush, a jewelry collection inspired by the diamond quilted pattern seen in its handbags, among other accessories. The new line will be available from the end of April.


One of Chanel’s signature motifs, diamond quilting is an integral part of the brand’s heritage. Seen most famously on the brand’s popular handbags and clutches, the pattern has also appeared on Chanel shoes and other accessories, as well as in haute couture and ready-to-wear items such as jackets. There is even a Chanel watch collection reprising the style.

Chanel Coco Crush collection

Now Chanel is celebrating the motif once again with its Coco Crush jewelry collection. The generously sized items in this line offer an entirely new take on the diamond quilted pattern, which is delicately engraved in gold for an elegant and understated effect.

The collection includes rings and a cuff bracelet available in white or yellow 18K gold. The rings are available in small, medium or large versions.

Chanel Coco Crush bracelet

The Coco Crush jewelry line by Chanel will go on sale at the end of April.