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Chopard Opens its new St Moritz Boutique

Designed by the Chopard design teams and the Scheufele family, renowned luxury brand Chopard unveiled its new St Moritz boutique, imbuing a cosy feel and warm atmosphere of a modern chalet

Dec 29, 2017 | By Andrea Sim

Chopard has recently opened a new St Moritz boutique in addition to its existing range of boutiques in new countries, such as Sydney and Melbourne in Australia and Jakarta in Indonesia to bring the latest haute horlogerie and high jewellery creations to the most discerning.

Chopard opens new St Moritz boutique

The new St Moritz boutique by renowned luxury watch-maker and jewellery-maker presents a new concept, embracing style, class and elegance in its design that are specifically intended for mountain boutiques. Helmed by the Chopard design teams and the Scheufele family, Chopard co-president Caroline Scheufele unveiled the new boutique to her client at the official opening that took place in early December.

Step into the new St Moritz boutique, a sense of warmth from the oak wood and natural stones of Vals in the Grisons region overwhelms. Remarkable geometrical shapes and the ancient grooving technique by master artisans in the region can be seen throughout its interior.

The whole idea is to promote a sense of privacy and make visitors feel at ease while browsing around the point of sales. The boutique has been exclusively designed to accommodate the finest high jewellery, watchmaking and accessories.

In addition to getting a new interior design, the boutique has been relocated to Via Da Vout 2 – 7500 St. Moritz, which lies in heart of the resort’s finest shopping street where many international customers visit to discover the latest Happy Hearts, Ice Cube and Mille Miglia collections, along with creations from the Haute Horlogerie and High Jewellery workshops that have forged Chopard’s worldwide reputation.

“By skillfully combining artisan-style techniques, modern technology and a love of art, we wish to offer our customers an authentic experience where they discover the finest creations from our Maison.” – Chopard co-president Karl-Friedrich Scheufele

The interior is imbued with the Maison Chopard’s characteristic warmth to the accompaniment of the best whiskies selected by the Bacchus Cellar, along with the greatest vintages from the Château Monestier la Tour, which has belonged to the Scheufele family since 2012.

Caroline Scheufele said: “I’m delighted with the work we have accomplished. Cooperation between our in-house teams and our family has been extremely productive and we are thrilled with the result.”

As Chopard is a family business with its first boutique opened in Hong Kong in 1983 and the brand grew stronger throughout the years, and has established a strong presence on New York’s legendary Madison Avenue with a flagship boutique that also heralded a new architectural concept dreamed up by famous designer Thierry W. Despont. Since then, Chopard has actively pursued the expansion and renovation of its boutique network.

“This new concept also reflects our social and environmental commitments, since we have chosen materials from nearby regions in order to keep our ecological footprint to an absolute minimum. This was a very important factor in the project. We have opted for responsible luxury in our production and this must also apply to our boutiques,” said Scheufele.

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